Pivot Door Augmented Reality App

Spitfire doors has taken a significant leap with the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR), following in the footsteps of other luxury brands, such as Bentley, Rolls Royce and Gucci to name but a few.   

Pivot Door Augmented Reality App

When making a Spitfire Pivot door purchase, it can help to be able to visualise your door in-situ whilst at home in real-time.  

Even those with an eye for style may find it challenging to visualise a new door in their home. AR Apps have been available in Interior Design for a number of years and now Spitfire Doors has made it possible to take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect Pivot Door.  

Simply visit the Apple Store, download the Spitfire Door App and then start designing your bespoke Pivot Door.


Visit The Apple Store and Download the Spitfire Doors App
Spitfire Doors App Available To Download From The Apple Store


Pivot Doors For Your Home Come To Life With Augmented Reality

Spitfire’s luxury doors are technically innovative, with biometric opening systems and LED lighting, they lend themselves perfectly to the opportunities that technology offers. Spitfire Doors strives to stay ahead of the curve and has developed a bespoke App, which will transform the way homeowners interact when choosing a new Pivot door for their home.  


Design your pivot door
Visit the Apple Store and download the Spitfire Door App


The App allows you to open and close your Pivot Door

AR is popular within the Interior Design industry and lends itself perfectly to homeowners being able to use technology and see their luxury door come alive from the comfort of their homes.   

As consumers, we are increasingly seeking out visualisation experiences or do-it-yourself options and alternative ways to create a dream door for our homes.


Open and close your pivot door
The AR App allows you to position your chosen Pivot door in your home


Can I design my own Pivot Front Door?

Yes, you can design your own Pivot front door.

Spitfire’s APP allows you to measure your door opening using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology. LiDAR is a remote-sensing technology which uses laser beams to measure precise distances and movement in an environment, in real time. Users of the App can effortlessly navigate and interact with the user-friendly interface and see the world around them come alive with dynamic, AR elements. Spitfire Doors is thrilled to unveil such a ground-breaking augmented reality experience that will transform the future of choosing luxury front doors.  

As a leading brand of choice, Spitfire Doors is taking a critical importance to find new ways to set themselves apart and deliver amazing experiences across all channels. They have an expansive number of retail design partner showrooms, where users can view a wide range of doors and will now be able to immerse themselves within AR.  Find the showroom nearest to you


Design your bespoke Pivot Door
Visit the Apple Store and download the Spitfire Doors App



The AR App allows you to see and experience how a Pivot Door will look and fit in your home, but also engage with the door by opening and closing as if the door was in situ, in addition to customizing the dimensions, colour, style, and size. 

Be amongst the first to experience the future of augmented reality. Download the “Spitfire Door App” and try it for yourself.   

Please contact a member of the Spitfire Doors Customer Services Team for more information.


Find out more about Spitfire Pivot Doors
Choose from a wide range of Pivot door designs


How does the Spitfire Pivot Doors Augmented Reality App Work?

Visit the Apple Store and download the “Spitfire Doors App”, grant necessary permissions and follow the easy-to-use prompts. 

Just point your device at the four corners where the door will be installed, then move it from left to right and bottom to top. The App will produce a surprisingly accurate layout of the space, helping to determine how the door will fit and look. It also allows you to open the door and see it from inside and outside the home. It also includes a feature to estimate the cost of the new door. A full survey will be required before a Pivot Door can be ordered.  

Spitfire Doors has chosen ten popular Pivot Door models to showcase on the new App, however there are many more designs available. Download our Pivot Door brochure to see a number of designs available. 



Pivot Door with wood effect finish
Pivot Doors are available in a wide choice of colours and can include LED full height handles



Pivot Door with black glass and LED handle
Aluminium Pivot door with black glass, available up to 2 metres wide and up to 3 metres high




Please visit our Pivot Door webpage to find out more about Spitfire Pivot Doors or email us at info@spitfiredoors.co.uk or call 01625 412570. Our friendly Customer Services team will be happy to help.

Is your front door ready for winter?

With a fall in temperature, the colder winter months are approaching. Are you and your home ready for winter?  The temperatures dropping in winter accompanied by a rise in humidity can quickly affect the entrance to your home, so now is a good time to check how your entrance and its surroundings are prepared for the cold season.


Do you proactively maintain your front door on a regular basis, or are you more likely to carry out any repairs when they become noticeable? We would recommend that you prepare your home for winter by ensuring that your entrance door is safe and in full working order.

How to carry out checks:

  • Carry out a detailed inspection of the front door leaf itself
  • Oil any hooks and locks
  • Test for any draughts or water ingress
  • Consider if there is adequate lighting around the entrance and hallway
  • Review accessories around the entrance to your home, such as a mat, umbrella holder or coat hangers
  • Check for security - would your home deter an opportunist burglar?


Is your front door ready for winter?
Is your front door energy efficient and ready for Winter?




Poor thermal insulation of windows and front doors is one of the main causes of energy loss in a home and, as a result, higher heating costs. More heat can be lost through poorly insulated windows and doors than through an uninsulated façade. High-quality and, above all, well-installed front doors that provide good insulation are therefore an excellent investment that pays off in winter.


When considering the insulation of an entrance door, we need to take into account the insulation of the door leaf itself, the side seals and cills which prevent warm air escaping from a property and also prevent the penetration of cold air into the interior of your home. The thickness of the door itself and the material your front door is made from can affect the quality of the door seal. If you feel that your door is letting in the cold air, is it time to consider upgrading is and replacing your front door?

You can check the effectiveness of the gasket seal on the side and bottom of the front door. If the door is worn and bent, and no longer fits perfectly into the frame, air will escape through the gaps in both directions.

If you can feel a draught coming in through your front door, it can help to use a torch to carry out a full investigation. Point the beam of light at the edges of the door and observe if light enters through one of the openings. Alternatively, you can do the same with a sheet of paper and see if you can slide it between the door and the frame, if you can, this could be where the draught is coming from. One of the classic methods of leak testing is a test with a lighter, as you bring the lighter closer to the sides of the door, observe how the frame flickers.  This way, you can find out where the pull of the flame occurs which can help identify where additional seals are needed. For example in the form of:

  • rubber textile seals
  • foam seals
  • Textile stopper or
  • Cill seals with brush.

It is definitely worth checking whether the door sits correctly within its' frame, and whether it closes and locks easily.


Is your front door ready for winter?
Are you looking for a new front door for your home? Why not visit our Door Designer?




If your front door looks tired and old, it could be time to consider replacing it with a new front door which will be energy efficient, with excellent U-Values to keep your home warm and your energy bills lower.

A high-quality front door like the Spitfire Doors S-500 Series, will keep out the noise and cold and reduce your heating costs. A new front door will be more secure with high quality multi-point locks to keep out would-be intruders, whilst visually brightening up both the exterior and interior of your home and adding kerb appeal to your home.  If you want to save on heating costs, installing a new front door is a good place to start.





The Spitfire Inotherm aluminum front door is well-known for its insulating properties, which is especially beneficial in the cold winter months. Aluminium doors do not twist and warp on hot sunny days, even at high temperatures, ensuring that the heat in your four walls will not escape thanks to special door fillers, triple glazing and vulcanized corners which create a water and airtight seal.

Our doors are powder coated in our own paint shop, offering additional protection against UV radiation. There is a huge range of RAL colours to choose from. You can design your bespoke front door using our online door configurator here.


Is your front door ready for winter?
Design your front door and choose from a wide range of colours and designs




When the nights draw in and with fewer hours of daylight during autumn and winter, many people give more consideration to the security of their homes. To deter an opportunist burglar, having a secure aluminium front door is a great place to start. The Spitfire Inotherm S-500 front door meets both PAS 24 and RS3 levels of security to keep your property safe and secure.


A well-lit exterior can help deter opportunist intruders
A well-lit exterior can help deter opportunist intruders



If the outside of your home is well lit at night, potential burglars will have a harder time sneaking up to the door and trying to gain access. Whether the lighting is positioned to the side of the door or above the front door, the right lighting is likely to put off an intruder, helping to keep you safe in your home. Installing lights with a motion sensor will ensure the outside of your home is illuminated every time the light detects any movement.



When carrying out an inspection of your front door, check to see if any of the hinges or locks are rusty and ensure that the lock opens and closes smoothly. By ensuring that your door locks easily, you could prevent your front door being left unlocked unintentionally, making it easy for an opportune thief to gain access. The Spitfire Inotherm S-500 Series Doors lock automatically, as soon as they are closed.


Strong and secure hook lock
Strong and secure hook lock



If your lock is worn or is of poor quality, it could be time to upgrade your lock or door to ensure your home is secure. Most modern front doors will have a new multipoint locking system, which means that the door will be locked in several places along the side of the door. The Spitfire Inotherm door has a 5-point security lock as standard and meets PAS 24 security.



Do you want to combine the security of your entrance with modern technology? Can you imagine the convenience of not having to look for keys every time you arrive home? Especially in winter, when we want to escape the cold and rain quickly, such a solution is worth its' weight in gold. In addition, it offers absolute security, as the door locks automatically every time it is closed.

Doors with the INOSMART system offer three types of opening:

  • Fingerprint access
  • NFC technology
  • by entering a numerical code

The system is equipped with an advanced high-speed fingerprint reader that recognizes the fingerprint regardless of the position of the finger, but also detects changes and adapts to a specific fingerprint. The administration takes place via an app on a smartphone, which also logs attempts of any unauthorized access. Contact Spitfire Doors to find out more.


Black pullbar door handle with NFC Fingerprint recognition
Black pullbar door handle with NFC Fingerprint recognition




Statistics show that most burglars still enter buildings through the front door.

For maximum security, care must be taken to ensure that it is protected as well as possible against burglary attempts. If you want to protect your home in winter and install a new entrance as part of the renovation, secure burglar-proof doors are something to be considered.


A front door with appropriate security components help keep your home safe
A front door with appropriate security components will help keep your home safe



Regular maintenance of your front door is essential. It only takes a few minutes to ensure that your door threshold remains free of grit and dirt. A simple wipe of the exterior of your door and some oiling of hinges and moving parts is recommended from time to time. Aluminium front doors are extremely resistant to winter conditions, but simple maintenance ensures a longer service life. Before winter, be sure to check the moving parts such as fittings and locks. Clean them first and then oil them as this will ensure easy closing and opening. Lubricating the lock should not be just a seasonal task; pay attention to regular lubrication, as this prolongs the service life.



If you have chosen a well-sealed front door and windows for your home, it is important to ensure there is sufficient ventilation in the areas around the door and window. By opening your doors and windows for a few minutes every few days, this should ensure there is enough fresh air to keep the area free from mould or damp.





If you would like the opportunity to design your own front door, why not visit our door designer where you can choose from over 400 designs in a huge choice of colours and finishes. We also have a wide range of door handles to choose from.

If you would like to discuss a new front door for your home, please contact our Customer Services Team who will be happy to put you in touch with a design partner in your area. Call 01625 412570 or contact us here  We look forward to hearing from you.





Ventilation in buildings

Ventilation in buildings 

To function normally and lead a healthy life, we all need sufficient fresh air. As many people spend about 90% of their day indoors, it is extremely important to ensure adequate air quality. Ventilation rates can be measured in terms of air changes per hour. According to Ventilation Standard DIN 1946-6, this should be 30 cubic meters per hour.

Today's building standards aim to make buildings as airtight as possible. This prevents uncontrolled air exchange and reduces heat loss. High-quality front doors and windows contribute significantly to reducing the CO² footprint and heating costs. If they are poorly insulated, heat can escape through them.

Although well-insulated buildings are more important than ever due to rapidly rising energy prices and the risk of an energy crisis, they also bring new challenges, such as ensuring there is sufficient fresh air.


Aluminium front door with excellent U Values
Aluminium front door with excellent thermal efficiency


Sick building syndrome

If an energy-efficient building is not adequately ventilated, it can quickly lead to oversaturation of the air with moisture, stuffy air and condensation on the walls, which can lead to mould growth.

All this can quickly lead to sick building syndrome, which means that the building has a negative impact on the health of residents, whereby residents of a building experience acute health or comfort related effects that seem to be linked directly to the time spent in the building. For example, they tend to suffer more frequently from allergies, headaches, nausea, lack of concentration, a dry cough and fatigue.


Ventilation in buildings
Ventilation in buildings


Cost-saving ventilation solutions

Developing new and efficient renewable energy technologies is not just about harnessing the sun or wind, but also about using what we already have. To ensure sufficient fresh air, it is important not to use too much energy for it. One of the ways to improve air quality in homes without putting a lot of strain on the environment is ventilation with heat recovery.

Did you know that an average family of four produces 10 to 15 litres of water in 24 hours? In order to maintain adequate humidity in the rooms, this moisture must necessarily be dissipated; either by natural ventilation, such as opening a window or door or by using a suitable ventilation system.


What is ventilation heat recovery? 

Heat recovery is a method which is used to reduce the heating and cooling demands of a building. A room that is not properly ventilated contains deoxygenated air, which leads to moisture formation, mould and, above all, poor well-being.There are basically two types of ventilation systems with heat recovery.


Central ventilation system with heat recovery

The basis of a central ventilation system with heat recovery is the ventilation unit, which is usually installed in the boiler room or in the attic, usually where sources of noise are already present (washing machine, stove, etc.). It consists of a heat exchanger (recuperator), supply and exhaust air filter, supply and exhaust air fan, a control system and air duct connections.


How does a central ventilation system with heat recovery work?

Instead of just extracting the exhaust air from the building and replacing it with fresh outside air, the heat recovery system extracts heat from the exhaust air and releases it into the outside air entering the building. The fresh air enters the device through a façade grid and is then filtered. The exhaust air and supply air flows do not pass through the same pipes, so cross-contamination is avoided. Thus, energy is merely transferred between the two air streams and the energy recovery effects are considerable. For example, if the exhaust air has a temperature of 22°C and the fresh supply air has a temperature of 2°C, the fresh air blown into the room has a temperature between 19°C and 20°C, without additional heating. The heat recovery unit is connected to the living rooms via an exhaust and supply air plenum, pipe silencers and insulating pipes that supply fresh air to each room.


  • Air always flows from typically clean rooms into dirty rooms.
  • The system is practically inaudible.
  • We don't feel a draft.
  • No need for exhaust fans in the toilet and bathroom (which lowers the investment price).
  • High energy efficiency of the exhaust air (90% and more).
  • Possibility of installing a cooler/heater or a humidifier in the fresh air duct.


  • If it is unprofessionally installed and poorly designed, the right effects will not be achieved.
  • In most cases, this system cannot be installed for minor renovations.
  • It dries the air in winter.

We recommend using a humidity and temperature meter in the home.


Temperature and humidity meter to assess ventilation


Decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery

If a central heat recovery system is not possible, decentralised ventilation systems with heat recovery are proposed for installation in all rooms. In principle, such a system is cheaper if three to four rooms are equipped with it. In most cases, local systems are installed in apartments and homes.


Heat Recovery Unit to provide ventilation in buildings


However, in the case of multiple rooms (and if the building permits), a central system is recommended to achieve adequate ventilation. There are two types to choose from for local systems.

Basic systems consist of an even number of units, two of which work together. While the first unit supplies fresh air to one room, the second unit extracts it from another room. At the same time, it stores the heat of the exhaust air in the ceramic element in the system. After a certain length of time, usually between 60 and 90 seconds, the airflow reverses, and the first unit sucks the air out of the room and stores its heat, while the second unit injects fresh, heated air into the room.

The more advanced units are already connected wirelessly, while the basic units are still wired. The most modern local units available today are much more efficient and quieter and have two fans in one unit. These units work completely independently of each other.


  • It can be installed at any stage of construction or during renovation.
  • Installation is quick and usually completed within a day.


  • Systems with a ceramic heat accumulator must be installed in pairs.
  • They are much louder.
  • They do not have such good energy recovery effects.
  • An exhaust fan should be installed in the toilet and bathroom.
  • The thermal envelope of the building is perforated in several places.
  • Increased noise pollution from the surrounding area.


Ventilation in buildings
Ventilation in buildings


What do you have to pay attention to when making a purchase decision?

We recommend that you compare the technical possibilities of the systems of different providers. Pay attention to:

  • the operating mode of the ventilation system
  • the efficiency of the recovery system
  • power consumption
  • the quality of the built-in filters and the ease of filter change
  • the volume of the system in normal operation (20–25 db)
  • the setting options they offer
  • corresponding manufacturer certificates


If you are looking for an energy efficient front door, Spitfire Doors offer excellent U Values and are available in a variety of designs. Contact Spitfire Doors on 01625 412570 or email enquiries@spitfiredoors.co.uk.


Changing trends in home design

Marjorie Calder, former property editor of a national newspaper, has worked with and around new home developers for over twenty years. She is now the proud owner of a c250 years old former coaching inn, which she and her husband have lovingly restored into a home. 

As a former Homes and Property Editor of a national newspaper, I can confidently reveal that spending your working week visiting sensational showhomes almost inevitably makes coming back home a bit of a let-down.


Front door trends 2022
Aluminium Front Door by Spitfire Doors


I had only recently bought my first ever new-build when I took on the Property Editor’s job; an enviously sleek villa by an upmarket developer, set deep in a leafy suburb. And I had barely plumped the new cushions when the shine was stolen clean off my new, glazed cotton curtains, (In my defence, this WAS the ostentatious late nineties).

The designer, blush beige kitchen also began to look positively apologetic.

It seemed that ‘plum’ was the order of the day. And sparkles, Lots of sparkles. With every showhome I visited that year, I found my own home in bling-deficiency, causing an icy shame of inadequacy to creep over me.

Funnily enough, a similar thing happened when I first went on a “Girls’” trip to Florida a few years later. Being a working woman, I was a bit of a cuckoo in that nest and, when they all started comparing handbags, I found myself genuinely bewildered; not least since my generous lugger was full of practical things that ‘I might need’ on the flight, while their tiny clutches contained little more than a beautifully upholstered passport, keys and a lipstick.

The real point was though that, within three days I was on the same page. I truly felt I HAD to have the latest Kate Spade clutch in teal, or the LV tote in cobalt. I quickly came to believe that my life, or at the very least my social credibility depended on it.

Good marketing is a wonderful thing. It creates demand from desire, and desire through association with…. whatever presses your buttons.


Front door trends 2022 with bling
Spitfire Aluminium Front Door with Swarovski Crystals within the door sash


So what’s new in 2022?

When I went to research this blog, I typed in “Interior design colour trends for 2022” and it came up with; “The key Spring 2022 hues are: Buttercream, Nature Brown, Green Quartz, Tech Blue, Dahlia Orange, Military Gold, and Pink Charlotte” (https://www.interiordesignmagazines.eu/2022-color-trends-for-interior-design)

Are you kidding me?

How am I supposed to decide if my signature look for 2022 is buttercream with, dahlia orange accents (and for the record, dahlias come in many colours) or military gold, whatever that is, edged in pink charlotte, (which I genuinely thought was a pudding).

And still, by next year, all will have gone the way of “plum” and “chintz”, requiring a total rethink and possibly extensive therapy bills. Spitfire Aluminium Front Doors are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, keeping up with the trends of 2022.



Substance over superficiality

Having worked with and around property developers for over twenty years, interior design trends come and go but, unlike changing a cushion or feature wallpaper, the things which make a desirable home stand the test of time, remain constant.

Where there is a feeling of love and security in a home, neither last year’s colourways nor even a stray sock will ever look out of place.

Where there is airy living space and good natural light to lift the spirits and energise the soul, or thoughtful mood lighting to cosy up winter evenings, then a home can  feel like a true sanctuary.

And that mood starts even before you step over the threshold.

A stylish and solid entrance door speaks volumes about what lies behind. Contemporary or classic, timber or glazed; if the eyes are windows to the soul, your front door is a representation of the priorities and lifestyle which lies beyond.

Stylish, secure and long-lasting, aluminium doors are still a relative rarity in the UK. They cost more, for sure, but they are low maintenance, keep their looks over time and beautifully complement a wide range of construction and interior styles.

My conclusion is simple; style and substance work best when they work in harmony.

Spitfire Doors offers a range of over sixty aluminium front door styles. Each design is unique to Spitfire and comes in a range of opulent finishes, including timber, carbon-fibre, glazed and ceramic panelling. You can design your unique front door here. 


Front Door colours 2022
Spitfire Front doors are available in a wide choice of colours and special effect finishes


Spitfire exterior doors offer solid aluminium construction of both door and frame. Light, safe and incredibly durable, aluminium doors are the preferred choice of architects working with discerning clients.

Please visit our online Gallery here. Our range is also available through a network of design and installation partners’ showrooms all across the UK and Ireland. 


Spitfire Doors Pivot Doors - choose from a wide range of colours for 2022



If you are looking for a new aluminium front door for your home, please get in touch with Spitfire Doors on 01625 412570 or contact us here. You can also visit our door designer to design your perfect front door. We will then put you in touch with the nearest Spitfire Doors partner, who can talk you through the features and benefits of Spitfire front doors.

Doors Showroom London now open

Spitfire Doors Showroom London is now open.

Spitfire Doors has opened a flagship London showroom situated at Cedar Views in Chobham, Woking. We have on display more than 13 of our most popular and high-end aluminium front doors, suitable for luxury homes throughout London and the South.

Spitfire Showrooms - Spitfire Doors


Spitfire Aluminium Doors on display
These are some of the range of Aluminium Doors currently on display at our flagship door showroom London.  Two of the doors above have a wood effect aluminium finish.


Doors Showroom London - which doors are on display?

Our Doors showroom London includes an extensive range of front door designs in varied colours.  On display are some of the most popular styles as well as some funky door designs. Selected doors have the latest in technology, including fingerprint scanners which can be operated via a Smart App and recessed door handles with LED’s which stay on 24 hours a day.

Open five days week our Doors Showroom London contains 13 luxury front doors all in one large room so that you can wander around the doors and get a feel for your preferred design. Each of our doors has a low threshold for ease of access. We also have on display a front door with wheelchair access.

Some of the designs include:

  • A combination of a walnut effect and anthracite grey externally / white internally
  • A textured black finish externally / anthracite grey matt finish internally
  • A combination of a split oak grey and black matt finish externally / white gloss internally
  • Metallic anthracite grey externally with decorative glass / designer light rush finish internally
  • A set of double doors in dark grey externally with plenty of bling / black gloss finish internally

Visit our door designer to design your bespoke door

Some of the 13 doors on display in Woking, London demonstrate:

  • A day latch option
  • A thumb turn on the inside of the door
  • A letterbox fitted within a bespoke glazed side panel
  • Inosmart fingerprint scanner which stores up to 100 different fingerprints
  • Decorative triple glazed, laminated safety glass
  • Swarovski crystals
  • LED lighting
  • Three Pivot Doors which are a whopping 2 metres wide

There is no better way to decide on the best front door for your home than to see the doors in person.

We welcome visitors on Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Why not get in touch to make an appointment?  Or watch this virtual showroom tour.


Door Showroom London - doors on display
Spitfire Doors on display at flagship doors showroom London - over 13 aluminium front doors are on display


What is the widest front door you can get?

Spitfire Pivot Doors can be made up to 2 metres wide and up to 3 metres high. We have two Pivot Doors on display at our showroom in Woking, London.

Spitfire S-500 Signature Series Doors can be made in bespoke sizes from 850mm wide up to 1250mm wide. The doors on display are approximately 1100mm wide. Designs incorporating side panels are even wider.


Doors Showroom London
Spitfire Doors Pivot Door with black glass bonded to a 3mm aluminium sheet complete with discreet LED lighting in a recessed handle-on display at our Doors Showroom London


How do I choose the right front door for my home?

The Customer Services team at each of our showrooms will be happy to discuss the features and benefits of our doors to help you decide which front door will be the most suitable for you. However, if you would prefer to walk around the London showroom and look at the doors at your leisure, we won’t put you under any pressure.

Designs can incorporate Swarovski crystals within the door sash itself or within the glazing panel. If you are looking for a little sparkle within your door, we can show you a sample of the sprinkle effect paint finish which adds a subtle sparkle when a light shines upon it. Spitfire Doors Signature Series Aluminium front doors are the most luxurious, stylish and secure doors in Europe, with over 400 door designs to choose from.

Visit our door designer to design your unique front door.



Doors Showroom London - Aluminium Pivot Doors on display

We have on display two impressive Pivot Doors at 2 metres wide, both with designer finishes to stimulate your imagination. One has a dark concrete finish externally with an ice touch finish internally.  The second Pivot Door features a fabulous black glass finish externally (pictured above) combined with a Corten finish internally. Both doors look super. Watch a short video

Spitfire Aluminium Pivot Doors really do create the wow factor. There is a design available to complement all styles of home. Every door is incredibly secure and achieves excellent U-Values.

Call us to help create your Pivot Door.


Door Showroom London features Pivot Door
This 2 metre wide Pivot Door has a fabulous dark concrete effect finish externally. Currently on display at Cedar Views Showroom in Woking, London.


Can I see a variety of door handles on display in London?

When choosing a door handle it can be helpful to see and touch the handles, to see which is the best fit for you and your home.  At our showroom in Woking, London, we have a variety of external door handles on display, including:

  • A long square vertical pull bar with a contemporary matt finish
  • A jet-black recessed handle, complete with LED’s
  • A horizontal square polished pull bar
  • A vertical stainless pull bar recessed into the door sash
  • A black square vertical pull bar (pictured)
  • A classic round polished pull bar on a set of double doors
  • A curved round matt stainless handle
  • A 1400mm square pull bar
  • A Silver Anodised recessed handle with LED’s running the full height of our Spitfire Pivot Door


Doors Showroom London
Black Square Vertical Pull Bar on Spitfire Door


Doors Showroom London
Silver Plate Internal Lever Handle


If you call into our Doors showroom London, you will see a variety of aluminium door designs. Some doors combine a wood effect with anthracite grey and others feature decorative glass with clear or satin lines.

Spitfire Doors and Cedar Views understand that buying a new aluminium front door for your home is a big investment. Cedar Views' customer service team will help guide you through all of the options to help you come to a decision as to which front door is most suitable for your home. We have an experienced installation team covering areas within Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Twickenham, Richmond, Wimbledon, and in Chobham. Every door comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Get in touch with Cedar Views to arrange your showroom visit.  Alternatively, contact Spitfire Doors on 01625 412570.

This short video will demonstrate some of the doors on display at our doors showroom London. We look forward to meeting you soon.


S-500 view to dining room

What is a net zero home?

A net zero home combines advanced design and superior building systems with energy efficiency to produce a home which is well insulated with a high level of air tightness.

A net zero home can look like any other home. What makes them different is that the building components are more energy efficient and more durable than the average property. The walls are thicker and the doors and windows are made to a higher specification than standard doors and windows, with enhanced features such as thicker door sashes, triple glazing, excellent weather seals and a higher grade of insulation.

A net zero home is comfortable, healthy, sustainable and carbon-free and the total cost of living in a net zero home is lower than that of a comparable standard home.

Rocia Concha, Director of Policy and Advocacy at Which?, said in 2021: “Decarbonising millions of households across the UK is a vital but complex component of the government’s net zero strategy. The level of support consumers need must not be underestimated.”  Spitfire Doors has always been ahead of the game with the specification of the S-500 Signature Series doors meeting Passive House standards. Contact Spitfire Doors


Featured: S-500 Signature Series Door which can meet Passive House standards

Energy efficient front door

An energy efficient front door will have excellent weathering properties to ensure there aren’t any gaps around the door which would allow cold air in and will help to reduce heat loss within the home.

Selecting the correct doors and windows is essential when taking steps to achieve a low-energy building.


Featured image shows the Superb Weatherseal on the S-500 Signature Series Doors, which helps to create a net zero home



What is a good U Value?

U Values measure how effective a material is as an insulator. The lower the U Value the better, meaning that less energy is required to maintain comfortable conditions inside the building.

In 2018, Part L building regulations specified that a replacement front door should have a U-Value no higher than 1.8 W/m²K.

Spitfire Doors S-500 Signature Series Doors have a good U value of just 0.6 W/m²K.  Every door, regardless of the style, is combined with excellent weather seals and thick thermally enhanced door slabs. Every front door with glazing features triple-glazed, laminated safety glass for extra security and thermal enhancement.

There are over 400 customisable Spitfire Door designs and fully bespoke options to complement a wide range of properties, with each style being capable of achieving Passive house standards.

Find out more about Passive House standard (German: Passivhaus) 


Featured image shows an Aluminium Front Door with a timber effect finish. The door achieves a U Value of just 0.6 W/m²K.



Is Aluminium Sustainable?

Whilst an Aluminium front door will look good and perform well for many, many years, it is reassuring to know that Aluminium is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the planet. The process of melting aluminium down to its molten form does not change any properties of the metal. At the end of its life, a Spitfire Aluminium front door can be recycled infinitely, creating minimal long-term impact on the environment.

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Featured image shows an S-500 Signature Series Door in Anthracite Grey with triple glazed laminated security glass.



Carbon Footprint reduction

We all have a carbon footprint.  At Spitfire Doors we are taking steps to actively reduce ours. As a company, we proactively reduce, reuse and recycle where we can. We take care when delivering our Aluminium front doors and encase our S-500 Signature Series Doors in a timber frame, rather than using wasteful packaging. In our offices and showroom, our lights operate on a sensor, so when the rooms are not in use, the energy usage is kept to a minimum.

In 2021, Spitfire Doors made the decision to invest in a Carbon Offset programme with Ecologi.

Ecologi invest money into projects that remove more greenhouse gasses than a company’s carbon footprint puts in. Every month we support a range of carbon reduction projects that are certified at the very highest levels by Gold Standard and equivalent. Within the first four months of supporting Ecologi in their work, Spitfire Doors reduced 17.68T of carbon emissions and facilitated the planting of 280 trees.




If you would like to find out more about Spitfire Doors wide range of Aluminium front doors, please visit our door designer and take time to create the perfect door design for your home. Our Gallery of images includes a wide variety of styles available.

You are very welcome to visit our Showroom in Macclesfield, Cheshire, where we have over 14 Aluminium Entrance Doors on display. Please get in touch with our Customer Services team by calling 01625 412570 or contact us by email and we will be happy to help you.



Featured image shows Aluminium Front Door with Split Oak Effect and black handle with fingerprint scanner
Featured image shows obscured triple glazed panels within the door which help to achieve a net zero home








Featured image shows Aluminium Front Door in Anthracite Grey combined with black glass, triple glazed and laminated to achieve a U Value of 0.6 W/m²K

Which are the best front doors for your home?

When it comes to deciding on which is the best front door for your home, it can help to know the main differences between an Aluminium Front Door and a Composite Door.

If you visit a showroom and see an Aluminium Front Door alongside a Composite Door, you will quickly notice that the features of an Aluminium door are very different from a composite. Both doors will usually be painted using a powder coat process but only the aluminium door will have a marine grade paint finish as standard. This ensures the external finish will withstand extreme weather conditions and it will not fade. The other major difference in paint finish is that a composite door will have either a PVC or fibreglass skin and the paint applied will usually make it shiny. The process for painting aluminium is more sophisticated and the end result provided can be gloss, matt, textured or even wood, concrete or bronze effect. Contact Spitfire Doors to discuss our Aluminium Front Doors

The skin surface of a composite door is usually faux grained to make the door look like timber, although there are new smooth looking PVC skins becoming available. You will notice that the faux grain on composites does not all run in one direction, as the upright panels typically run vertically and the horizontal panels have grain running horizontally, again to replicate timber but they are no good for creating a contemporary style door.  Aluminium skins on aluminium entrance doors are totally flat and regular and have the benefit of being able to accept many different types of finish or aluminium strips and numerals for example.


Anthracite Grey Aluminium Front Door
Images shows Steel inserts within the Aluminium door sash


If security is your main concern, compare the thickness and stability of the door sash when the door is open. Typically, a composite door sash is 44mm thick and an aluminium door anything from 80mm up to a massive 95mm. The inherent strength of the slab/sash, the external skin material choice and the hinges used, are the key factors in guaranteeing security. Cheap hinges usually mean an insecure door.

You also need to satisfy yourself about functionality and reliability, particularly in summer months when the door will be subjected to direct sunlight and higher temperatures externally. According to hundreds of posts on The Window Fitters Forum (a forum for professional installers to share their views) composite doors with GRP or PVC skins really struggle in the heat. They tend to warp, bow and twist particularly if the door is a dark colour.

Aluminium Front Doors are incredibly strong and highly secure, with substantial aluminium sections and thick aluminium external skins. These elements combine to prevent doors twisting and warping. Aluminium Doors have been popular in properties throughout Europe and the Middle East for many years, because they can cope with the extremely high temperatures.

The UK market is still getting used to the idea of having an aluminium front door and it is true that the up-front cost is higher than a composite door, but the lifetime cost will probably be lower. In Europe, composite doors are only sold in the UK and Ireland, but they have no appeal in Europe because of their performance values.

Composite doors are a relatively low-cost replacement or new build solution and most composite doors will offer PAS24 security accreditation, as aluminium doors do. The actual materials used and general construction properties of an aluminium door means they will easily outperform and outlast a composite door. And if you are looking for a genuine contemporary finish, they are much more suitable than a composite.


Aluminium Front Door with side panels
Spitfire Aluminium Front Door with side panels


How much will a new front door cost?

You might be surprised to know that there isn’t much of an up-front cost difference between for example a bespoke Spitfire Aluminium Door and a Composite Door.

Composite Doors cost more than uPVC front doors as they offer greater features and benefits and likewise, an Aluminium front door will cost probably 30-50% more than a Composite Door as the quality of the hardware, hinges, locks and materials are higher grade.

As every Spitfire S-200 door is made to your bespoke design, in your choice of colour with a wide range of handle options, it can take a little longer to manufacture the door. Every Spitfire Aluminium Front Door which features glass within the design will be triple glazed with a security laminate, composite doors are only fitted with double glazed toughened units.

Spitfire Aluminium Front Doors are incredibly strong so they can be made up to 1150mm wide by 2250mm high, to create a really grand entrance with stunning kerb appeal. If smaller doors are needed, they can also be made in sizes starting from 850mm wide and 1920mm high, so they are suitable for cottages and farmhouses. Composite door usually have a maximum width of 960mm and maximum height of 2000mm.

Every Spitfire aluminium front door will offer excellent thermal performance, achieving a maximum U-value of 0.9 W/m²K down to 0.6 W/m²K, regardless of their size, colour or design. Composite doors do not offer the same fabulous level of thermal performance and usually offer between 1.1 W/m²K and 1.4 W/m²K.

Aluminium Spitfire Doors have a life expectancy of 30 years. The hardware, including the handles, hinges and steel trims used in the manufacture of our Aluminium Doors is of high quality, which will make the doors more expensive than an average composite door. Visit the Spitfire Doors gallery of images.


Square pullbar handle
Square pull bar handle available on Spitfire Aluminium Front Doors


Which door is best for me?

Whilst up-front cost is often a consideration when choosing a new front or back door, there is so much more to consider before making your decision. Being able to compare the security, colour options, styles, hardware options, quality and weathering properties is important when deciding which entrance door will be best for you. The comparison table below might help.


  Spitfire S-200 Aluminium Doors Typical Composite Door
U Value


0.9 W/m2K 1.4 W/m2K
Security PAS24 option


PAS 24 option


Doc Q Compliant Yes


Designs Over 60 customisable designs 20 designs

Up to 1150mm x 2250mm


Typically 960mm x 1978mm
Colours Huge range of Marine Grade RAL colours, Wood Effects, Corten, Copper, Concrete, Bronze effects


Different colour available for the door and frame


18 colours, limited choice


Different colour available for the door and frame



Matt, Gloss, Textured finishes. Decorative grooves, numerals and Steel inserts


Woodgrain effect and some composites now offer a smooth finish as an optional extra
Door thickness 80mm 48mm


Round, Square or Oval Pullbars in different lengths Round Pullbar

Lever Handles

Finger Pull


Door Knocker


Choice of colour finishes

Details Flush sash and frame externally Flush sash except for glazed door designs
Glass Triple Glazed laminated

Optional obscured glass with clear lines

Six glass designs, toughened double glazing
Side lights and top lights Yes Yes
Optional Steel inserts within door sash

Day latch

Double Doors


If you would like to discuss your individual requirements further, please contact our Customer Services Team who will be delighted to help on 01625 412570. If you would like to design your own front door, please visit the Door Designer.

An Aluminium Door makes the perfect entrance

As featured in Windows Active February 2021:

It is clear from market research that there are exciting growth opportunities for sellers and installers of residential entrance doors of all materials across the UK. Consumers are very aware of their options and they now have the freedom to design a secure, energy efficient, bespoke door of their choice via a plethora of online door configurators. Aluminium entrance doors are the ‘new kid on the block’ in the UK and Irish residential markets but they are widely specified across central Europe, with over 50% of replacement and new build doors in Germany being aluminium. Surprisingly perhaps, composite doors whilst ubiquitous in the UK, have not really been widely adopted by consumers or installers on the continent. Aluminium doors share the continental market with timber and premium quality uPVC panel doors.



German consumers prioritise product quality and material specification above price in their selection process because outstanding daily performance and longevity are pre-requisites. Price and choice of installer are important issues but they are of secondary importance in the decision-making process. Aesthetics and Design are increasingly important and every market in Europe has idiosyncratic door designs, particular to a country or region. Generally, at this time UK consumers have a fairly conservative taste in front door design but as people become more affluent, there is a desire to make a personal statement on a property’s frontage, using the front door, particularly if its a mid-high-end, bespoke home.

Across the UK and Ireland, demand for aluminium entrance doors is steadily increasing. Market share is still modest, but growth is being driven by demand from developers and consumers building high-specification homes, where aluminium front doors are typically chosen to complement aluminium glazing or premium quality uPVC flush window systems. Typically today, aluminium entrance doors are sold into homes that are valued at circa £400k minimum, so they are still very much a niche product.

Because aluminium is relatively light and very strong, much wider and higher entrance doors can be manufactured up to 1250mm x 2700mm, which is perfect for ‘grand design’ new builds, particularly where the front door is glazed-in, within a large glass façade. Aluminium is an excellent choice for door skins because hundreds of different bespoke designs can be achieved and with 3mm skins in particular, spectacular finishes can be produced using a CNC machine.



Improving the thermal efficiency of buildings is now a legislative requirement and this is forcing door manufacturers of all materials to react. Aluminium entrance doors provided by Spitfire Doors and others are all under 0.9 w/m2K and can be as low as 0.6 w/m2K. With an aluminium entrance door, very high levels of security protection against intrusion are a given.

The Spitfire Doors journey began in 2016. Following almost 2 years of research into European markets, products and suppliers, the decision was taken to introduce two distinct residential aluminium door systems to the UK, via a network of independent installation partners. Essentially, a door range at the very top-end of the market and a mid-market door series, both sourced from highly respected European manufacturers. The main criteria for selecting manufacturing partners was to collaborate with companies that only make aluminium doors and they must have a respected pedigree of producing ‘fit and forget’ front doors. Price for Spitfire Doors is a distant second behind product quality and performance, because service calls and unhappy customers are a money pit for door installers.

Whilst recognising that composite doors enjoy a dominant share of both the replacement and new build markets, which will continue for many years, Spitfire Doors predict that aluminium entrance doors will take a significant slice of the mid to high-end new build market, exactly as aluminium windows, sliders and bifolds have done. 15 years ago, who would have thought that aluminium window and door systems would have made such a successful comeback in the UK residential market or that uPVC systems houses would be forced to launch aluminium systems to maintain market share?


To discuss your Aluminium Entrance Door requirements, contact Spitfire Doors on 01625 412570 or why not design your own door using our door configurator?

Weathered Steel, Corten and Concrete finishes are a rising trend for front doors

When designing a bespoke self-build property, a forever home or renovating your existing home, it is worth taking time to carefully decide on the perfect front door, as it will make a statement about you and your style leaving visitors with a strong first impression.

Corten, rust-weathered finish for front doors

Home-owners with a vision for creating a home with a modern, industrial style entrance door are embracing both Corten, a rust-weathered steel, or Concrete effect finishes. Due to their industrial look, these minimalist finishes can be perfect both inside and outside the house. We have two online Door Designers which will help you configure your perfect door.


Spitfire Aluminium front door with Corten effect
Spitfire Aluminium Pivot Doors with a Rust effect finish














Architects across the UK regularly specify the rusty metal finish called Corten (steel) when specifying cladding, bespoke gates or when designing garden ornaments for contemporary homes. Whilst an authentic steel Corten finish would look fabulous on a front door, as it weathers the steel would require a lot of maintenance and the downside of Corten steel is that it can cause stains that can drip onto areas under the metal, therefore making it an inadvisable material for a front door facade.

The good news is that Spitfire aluminium front doors are available in a wide range of special and unique powder-coated finishes, such as Corten or Concrete effect, offering almost exactly the same finish, aesthetics and contemporary styling as steel, without the downsides of steel or concrete. You can view the gallery of doors here.


Spitfire Ceramic Pivot Doors with a cement finish, contrasting perfectly with a black matt aluminium frame and detailing within the door itself.



With a Spitfire Aluminium Door, a rust effect paint is baked on to the aluminium skin, creating a perfect, maintenance-free finish which will look fabulous for many years to come. Rusted metal, concrete and leather effect finishes are all available within the three ranges of Spitfire Doors and are a popular choice for front doors in luxurious homes.

Door frames can be specified in the same colour or finishes or a contrasting RAL colour and finish, to create a truly bespoke door. As well as looking fabulous, Spitfire Doors meet PAS 24 security levels and are extremely thermally efficient. Spitfire doors can be manufactured up to an impressive 2 metres wide by 4 metres high, to create the perfect grand entrance to your home.

We have two online Door Designers which will help you configure your perfect door. The configurators take you step by step through the various options available to you. Just send us, or your local Spitfire Design Partner the design you have created to discuss and to acquire a quotation.


Spitfire Double Doors being Quality Checked prior to dispatch. Featuring a Corten finish resembling leather or weathered steel externally, with a contrasting black outer frame and long pull bars.



Spitfire Aluminium door featuring a Corten finish externally, with triple glazed obscured safety glass and a brushed stainless steel pull bar.


Contact our Customer Services team on 01625 412570 or visit our online Door Designer to configure your perfect door.

High-Security Certified Residential Entrance Doors

What are the recognised Security Grades for doors and why are they important?

Many door manufacturers and door suppliers claim to sell security or hi-security residential entrance doors, but in the security industry, doors will only be classed as ‘Security Doors’ if they have been independently tested. In the UK, the entry level independent testing standard applicable for most homes is PAS24, which is often badged as SBD or Secured By Design. It is vitally important not to rely on declared characteristics and the claims of a manufacturer, always ask to see their Independent Testing Certificate from a qualified European Test House.

European Standard – EN1627

In Europe, the safety standard is EN 1627. Accredited European laboratories test functionality, weather resistance and defence against mechanical intervention. Test results are recorded and examined by the certification body and only if a door passes all tests will a Certificate of Conformity be awarded.

The British Standards Institute (BSI) implements security standards in the UK and the most updated version is BS EN 1627:2011. There are 6 levels of resistance classification (RC1-6), which comprise the EN 1627 standard. The levels determine the level of burglar resistance offered by a security product.

Classes RC1, RC2 and RC3 are primarily focused on the levels of attack associated with a casual or opportunistic intruder. It is likely such an intruder would use stealth to avoid attracting attention and utilise hand-held tools or basic levers to facilitate forced entry. PAS24 or SBD falls within this category.

Classes RC4, RC5 and RC6 are associated with the more experienced or professional intruder. This would include attacks which were intentional and well-planned, with forced entry attempted with larger and/or single operator power tools.

EN 1627 represents the European Standard for the burglar resistant classifications of domestic and commercial doorsets. This standard was developed by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) which is comprised of the national standardisation bodies of 34 European countries.

EN 1627 forms part of a series of European security standards (EN 1627 – EN 1630) with the aim of agreeing and implementing an industry-standard, minimum level of enhanced security for doors across Europe.

The EN 1627 classifications are determined by meeting the specified hardware requirements alongside the level of resistance achieved in 3 ‘type’ tests. The first test measures resistance under static loading and is designed to measure the overall mechanical strength of the product.

The second test which is dynamic loading, assesses the level of resistance to physical attacks without the use of tools, such as kicking or shoulder barging.

The third test method is manual testing, which assesses the ability of a product to withstand attempts at forced entry using a selection of tools, over a stipulated period of time.

Spitfire Doors Certification

Spitfire S-200 doors and S-500 Signature Series aluminium doors have both been Tested and Awarded PAS24 certification by BSI in the UK.

The Spitfire Hi-Security Armoured ranges of Hinged and Pivot doors have been Tested and Certified by the Institute Giordano in Italy under ENV 1627-1. You can find the certification label on your door and this guarantees that your specific armoured door is certified to ENV 1627.


High Security door with glass finish

Design Choices

All Spitfire Doors are fully customisable, even our doors with the highest security rating. From Spitfire Doors you are free to select either a conventional security hinged door or a security Pivot.  Both ranges are offered with many external and internal finishes to include: powder coated aluminium, bronze, ceramic, glass, wood or mirror. The internal core structure of your security door will comprise levels of steel plates and then your door can be clad with your choice of skin material e.g. aluminium, ceramic or wood.


Hi-Security Pivot Door

Bank Vault Doors

Spitfire Doors can also offer bank vault doors which offer superb protection against manual, mechanical or heat related attack, with door thicknesses ranging from 25cm to 45cm. All bank vault doors are supplied with 2 x 4 wheel anti-observation combination locks which have 1 million combinations and a 3 movement time lock that offers up to 144 hours locking.

Fire Rated Spitfire Doors - Certified by Cambridge Fire Research Limited

We can offer you an unique, innovative door which combines 2 different types of protection - Class 3 Certified Security Resistance and Certified Fire Resistance for 240 minutes (4 hours).

Certificate Number CFR1704121 dated 12th April 2017 to BS476 Part 22:1987.

Our Fire Rated Security Doors can be equipped with a mechanical, electrical, electronic lock or with a panic bar.

These doors are suitable for apartments, hotels, public buildings, airports, hospitals, public spaces or private projects where fire protection is required along with resistance to possible burglary.

Another advantage of Spitfire fire-rated security doors is their aesthetic flexibility because we offer the possibility of selecting almost any external and internal cladding material e.g. ceramic, mirror, glass, wood etc.

So, let your imagination run free; choose the style that fits your home, without any compromise in fire resistance and anti-burglary properties.

Contact our Customer Services Team for more information.