DGB (doubleglazingblogger.com) visits Spitfire Doors

We recently launched our range of premium European aluminium composite doors at FIT Show 2016 and were visited by doubleglazingblogger.com. We are delighted that they have taken the time to tell their readers a little about their first impressions of Spitfire Doors.

Are these the best aluminium doors in the UK?

You have to say they have a good shout at that title, if there ever was one. They have true 21st century technology built in. Thermal values are already beyond what Passivhaus requires them to be. They’re all visually stunning and the sheer size of the range available means that all tastes are catered for.

I can see Spitfire Doors doing very well over time, and should shake things up as they go along.


We would like to thank doubleglazingblogger.com and everyone who visited us a FIT Show 2016.

You can read the full article here