Our exquisite timber door collection is crafted to perfection by merging advanced engineered timber layers with a robust wooden frame. Say goodbye to worries of warping and twisting, as our doors promise unparalleled durability.

Discover the timeless allure of wood, echoing the harmony of nature and the great outdoors. Elevate your home’s entrance with the inherent charm of wooden front doors, effortlessly evoking feelings of comfort, security and warmth.

Experience peace of mind with enhanced security features including a multi-point locking mechanism and laminated safety glass.

Our high-performance S-400 Series Doors achieve Passive House standards when crafted using our 100m flush profile, achieving a U-Value of 0.7 W/m²K.

The Art of Perfection
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Handcrafted from a selection of three premium wood species - Spruce, Larch, or Oak - our timber doors offer versatility andsophistication.


Spitfire S-400 timber entrance doors are designed for minimal maintenance to preserve their exquisite appearance and optimal functionality. Handcrafted from a selection of three premium wood species – Spruce, Larch, or Oak – our timber doors offer versatility and sophistication. Enhance the natural beauty of your door by opting for a stunning stain or oil treatment to accentuate its’ unique grain. Alternatively, explore our extensive range of RAL paint finishes for a personalized touch.

Personalization is key with our timber doors. Choose a single colour on the exterior and a contrasting shade on the interior, allowing for seamless integration with your home’s aesthetic. Elevate your design further with our diverse collection of contemporary and traditional door handles, meticulously designed to complement your style.

Why not visit our door designer to see the full range of handles available and let Spitfire redefine the entrance to your home with our exquisite timber door collection.


Spitfire S-400 Series timber front doors were conceived and constructed to be virtually burglar-proof. We fuse very substantial timber profiles with the highest quality door hinges, security grade multi-point locks and precision engineered furniture. Every door with designed-in glazing features triple-glazed, VSG toughened and laminated glass units for extra security and thermal enhancement. We are devoted to security.


As you would expect, we allow you to dream and guarantee to bring your vision to life. Our passionate team will build you a stunning wooden door, crafted to match your unique design. We encourage you to express yourself because your door should be a reflection of your personality. We can create a modern or classic door design which is bespoke for your home.

Just like our Modern and Classic ranges, Vintage doors are meticulously handcrafted using engineered timber and thermally efficient cores to ensure durability and performance. What sets the Vintage doors apart is the careful selection of reclaimed wood, chosen for their character and history. Each Vintage door features a unique 19mm bonded panel, created by expertly securing the reclaimed timber to the exterior face of the door. It is this attention to detail that makes every Vintage door a captivating focal point for any home.

Please note, as the reclaimed timber is untreated, Vintage designs are best suited for homes with protective canopies above the door to shield them from the elements.


  • Wide choice of door designs
  • Huge choice of internal and external handles
  • Choose from Spruce, Larch, Oak or Reclaimed Vintage Timber
  • Opt for an Oil, Stain or Paint Finish
  • Huge doors possible – up to 2700mm high
  • Triple glazed VSG toughened and laminated glazing
  • Can achieve RC2 levels of security
  • Double door and arched doors
  • 68mm thick door sash as standard
  • U Value to 0.7 W/m²K
  • Industry leading fingerprint technology
  • Simonswerk Zinc Hinges
  • Some designs available as a Fire Door
  • S-400 Series doors are PEFC Certified
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