The warranty set out in Clause 1 (this warranty) is given by Spitfire Doors Limited, company registered number 9665503, whose registered office is: Dogrose Hangar, 5 Snape Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 2NZ in respect of Spitfire Doors S-200 Series hinged doors, S-500 Series hinged doors, S-600 Pivot Series doors and S-700 Pivot Series doors (“Door” or “Doors”).
This Warranty is tied to the Design Partner,  Retail Installer or Developer (“Installation Company” or “Installer” or “Partner”) who the order confirmation and invoice is addressed to, and is subject to all of the provisions set out herein. 

  1. What the warranty covers
     1.1Subject to the provisions of this Warranty, Spitfire Doors warrants for up to 10 years from date of manufacture that Doors (“Standard Warranty Period”) will be free from defects in design, material and manufacture.
  1. 2If notice of a claim is made in accordance with clause 4.1 below during the Standard Warranty Period:
    1.2.1 within a reasonable time of discovery that the Doors do not comply with the provisions of paragraph 1.1, and
    1.2.2 Spitfire, at their request has a reasonable opportunity of examining such Doors

Spitfire Doors may at its sole discretion and subject to the provisions of this Warranty supply parts ONLY, allowing for repair to the defective Door. Replacement parts are chargeable up front, and will be credited once the defected parts have been returned and inspected by Spitfire Doors in a timely manner. If Spitfire Doors (in its absolute discretion) decides that the Door cannot be repaired, or it is uneconomical to repair, then Spitfire Doors will replace the Door with a Door of the same or similar make and specification. All replaced or repaired Doors shall be warranted for the unexpired portion of the Standard Warranty Period. Labour costs are not included, and any work should be carried out by the original installer otherwise the installation warranty they provide separately will become void.

1.3 The availability and period of the Standard Warranty depends whether the door is installed in a “Marine and Hazardous  Environment”, which is defined as: 

 1.3.1 Up to 2,000 meters (in a straight line) of UK coastline according to an ordnance survey map; please see 1.5 for full details

1.3.2 Within to 2,000 meters of a heavy industrial factory, mining or fossil fuel plant

1.3.3 Within a room with an indoor swimming pool

1.4 The availability and period of the Standard Warranty also depends on whether the door is installed in a “Commercial Application” which is defined as:  


1.4.1 On a commercial premises (e.g. Office building, Shop)

1.4.2 As the entrance to a block of flats or as an apartment door

1.5 The Standard Warranty for Doors installed in a Marine and Hazardous Environment or Commercial Application is also subject to:

1.5.1 the Doors being cared for, cleaned and maintained as outlined in the maintenance instruction videos, which are available on the Spitfire Doors website.

1.6 The Standard Warranty periods are as follows:



Non-Hazardous, domestic environment – Standard Warranty 
Free from defects in design, material and manufacture  10 years 
Repairability  10 years 

Matt & Textured RAL Colours, Wood Effects and Designer Finishes  

10 years 
Gaskets & Seals  10 years 

within the door and side and top lights 

5 years  
Hardware Finish  2 years 
Moving parts
Hinges, Pivot Mechanism, Cylinders and Manual & Electronic Locks  
2 years  
Electronic components
Fingerprint Scanner or Code Pads, LED Lighting and Electric Day Latch
2 years 



  1. The Limited Warranty periods for Marine and Hazardous Environment (“M&H Envi.”) or Commercial Application are as follows:  



Marine and Hazardous domestic environment –  Limited Warranty  Commercial Application -Limited Warranty 
Free from defects in design, material and manufacture  5 years   2 years  
Repairability  5 years  2 years 

Matt & Textured RAL Colours, Wood Effects and Designer Finishes  

5 years
(Excludes Matt RAL finishes. Textured RAL are recommended for M&H Envi.) 
2 years 
Gaskets & Seals  10 years  2 years 

within the door and side and top lights 

5 years  2 years 
Hardware Finish  1 year
(Black, Polished or Anodized Hardware is recommended in M&H Envi.) 
Moving parts
Hinges, Pivot Mechanism, Cylinders and Manual & Electronic Locks  
1 year   Zero 
Electronic components
Fingerprint Scanner or Code Pads, LED Lighting and Electric Day Latch
1 year   Zero  


2. General Conditions  


2.1 This Warranty is given by Spitfire Doors subject to the following conditions:

2.1.1 Spitfire Doors shall be under no liability under this Warranty if the Door cannot be identified as a Spitfire Door and show the unique Spitfire Doors order number or product serial number when applicable

2.1.2 This Warranty is tied to the Installation Company whom the order confirmation and invoice is addressed to. This Warranty is void if a Spitfire Door has been removed from the original installation property. This Warranty will not be transferrable under any other circumstances. For the avoidance of doubt, this Warranty does not apply to Doors which are purchased second hand or through private sales, for example, eBay or ex-display Doors. In the interest of clarity, no Warranty is provided for Doors obtained in this manner

2.1.3 This Warranty will not apply if where necessary Spitfire Doors is not provided with full information including photographs, videos and reasonable access to the Property where requested, and given a reasonable period of time to carry out any assessments or supply any replacements

2.1.4 This Warranty does not apply to parts or components added to the Doors outside of the manufacturing process (including glass and hardware) by any third party or by the end user and Spitfire Doors cannot be held responsible for the parts causing issues with either operation or paintwork of the Door in any way

2.1.5 Spitfire Doors will not be responsible or liable for any form of decoration or making good associated with the repairing or replacing of the Doors

2.1.6 This Warranty does NOT apply to the installation of the Door. The installation warranty is provided by your chosen Installation Company

3. Warranty exclusions and limitations

3.1.1 In no circumstances shall Spitfire Doors be liable under this Warranty for any defect in the Doors:

3.1.2 if the defect in the Doors arises because you (or any person acting on your behalf) failed to follow Spitfire’s or the Installation Company’s oral or written instructions as to the storage, installation, use and maintenance of the Doors, including following the operational & maintenance guide videos, which are available on Spitfire Doors website. For the purposes of this Warranty, you are deemed to have reviewed our operational & maintenance guides on our website, or followed the operational & maintenance instructions given to you by your Installation Company, and Spitfire Doors is under no obligation to supply you with this information directly. 

3.1.2 for labour costs or the cost of a replacement slab or frame associated with replacing a moving component that have failed due to misuse, insufficient maintenance, attempted burglary or moving parts outside of the warranty, resulting in the door being inoperable

3.1.3 if you (or any person on your behalf) alter or repair the Doors without the written consent of Spitfire Doors or you (or any person on your behalf) use the Doors for a commercial purpose or any other purpose other than for which the Doors were designed

3.1.4 if the defect arises as a result of wilful, malicious or accidental damage, improper use, negligence (other than Spitfires negligence), not reporting warning signals, such as a beeping locking system, or abnormal storage or working conditions

3.1.5 whilst payment of the price of the Doors (including any interest owing) to Spitfire Doors remains outstanding

3.1.6 if the Door has not been fitted or installed correctly

3.1.7 if Spitfire Doors was not notified at the time of purchase that the Doors were going to be installed in a Marine and Hazardous Environment or Commercial Application; or

3.1.8 if the defect arises because of fire, explosion, flood, lightning, extreme, abnormal or adverse weather conditions, acts of God, terrorism, vandalism, criminal acts or any other external influences or for any reason outside of Spitfire’s reasonable control

3.2 All rights and benefits under this Warranty will be forfeited by you if a fraudulent declaration or claim is made.

3.3 If any claim by you is determined by Spitfire Doors to be invalid (due to any of the circumstances set out in paragraph 3.1 or otherwise by Spitfire Doors acting reasonably), Spitfire Doors may charge you for any costs and expenses incurred in investigating the claim and charge for any repairs or replacements made.

3.4 Subject to Section 1, except as expressly set out in this Warranty, Spitfire Doors shall not be responsible or liable to you for losses that you suffer arising out of or in connection with this Warranty. Without prejudice, to the generality of the foregoing (subject to Section 1), Spitfire Doors shall not be responsible for:

3.4.1 loss of income or revenue

3.4.2 loss of profit

3.4.3 loss of business loss of anticipated savings

3.4.4 loss of data

3.4.5 any costs associated with installation or required remedial works

3.4.6 any waste of time, or

3.4.7 any losses whatsoever caused by or arising from any breach of any terms of an agreement (whether stand alone or part of any larger agreement) for sale of the Doors between you and the supplier of the Doors

3.5 Nothing in this Warranty excludes or limits in any way Spitfire’s liability for:

3.5.1 death or personal injury caused by Spitfire’s negligence

3.5.2 fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation

3.5.3 any breach of the obligations implied by section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or section 2 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982

3.5.4 defective Doors under the Consumer Protection Act 1987, or

3.5.5 any other matter for which it would be illegal or unlawful for Spitfire Doors to exclude or attempt to exclude its liability 


4. Claims procedure

4.1 To make a claim under this Warranty, you must:

4.1.1 Contact the Installation Company who owns the contract with Spitfire Doors for the Door first and the Installation Company will obtain any replacement parts from Spitfire Doors or arrange any repairs covered by themselves if necessary. Spitfire Doors must communicate with the Installation Company only, as they hold the contract for the Door

4.1.2 If you are unable to contact the original Installation Company due to insolvency, then you should engage with an alternative Design Partner, or Aluminium Retail Installer to attend your site and assess the remedial work required. Spitfire Doors will work with any Design Partner or Aluminium Retail Installer to issue replacement parts where it has been validated to be a manufacturing failure. Using an alternative supplier for remedial work will not invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty, however, any damage caused, or alteration made to the Door by this work may not be covered and will void the installation warranty given to you by your original Installation Company. Any costs or fees associated with the new installer will not be covered by Spitfire. Your installer/supplier will need to submit a Warranty Claim on your behalf 


4.2 The information required in the Warranty Claim submitted by your Installation Company must include (but shall not be limited to):

4.2.1 Installation Company contact details

4.2.2 The unique order number (starting with SD) or serial number for your Door (visible on the ID plate between the hinges), along with the name of the original Installation Company and date of purchase

4.2.3 Full details of the alleged defect in your Door including at least five photographs from different perspectives, videos and a detailed description

4.2.4 Warranty claims can be submitted by your design partner/supplier/installer via one of the following options: e-mail to tech@spitfiredoors.co.uk Via Whatsapp on 07391 057 020 Post to Spitfire Doors Limited,  Dogrose Hangar, 5 Snape Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 2NZ (Attention of: Tech Team)

4.3 If all of the information required by the Warranty Claim Form is not provided in full, Spitfire Doors will not be able to begin the claim process which could delay your claim and/or result in it being rejected.

4.4 You will be contacted within 1-3 working days of conclusion of Spitfire’s assessment of your claim with Spitfire’s conclusions, proposed next steps (if any) and/or requirements for provision of further information.


5. Governing law and jurisdiction
You agree that this Warranty, and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it (including non-contractual disputes and claims) or its subject matter or formation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in relation to such disputes or claims. 


This Warranty applies to Aluminium Front Doors installed throughout the UK and Ireland.

Terms and Conditions

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  6. Products
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  11. We reserve the right to change manufacturer’s materials without prior notice.
  12. Faults and Warranty
  13. The Customer is obliged to carefully check all goods upon arrival. Any visible faults (glass or breakage, incorrect products or quantities supplied, scratches, dents etc.) must be specified clearly on the Delivery Note for any claims to be considered. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN GOODS AS UNCHECKED, as your signature is acceptance of the goods being in good condition and will cause a claim to be rejected.
  14. Any developed faults must be reported in writing (email, fax or mail) along with a photograph or video of the problem area, during the warranty period. We advise you to contact us to confirm we have received the email or fax and to use a recorded mail service requiring a signature, to avoid delay to any claim. In most cases a site inspection will be carried out to confirm the reported fault –  an upfront call out charge will apply, which will be credited back after the visit if the problem is identified as a manufacturing or product warranty fault.
  15. Any product reported as faulty on the day of delivery must not be fitted, finished or altered, as Spitfire Doors Limited cannot replace products if any alterations have been carried out.
  16. Finishing, fitting, alterations and further maintenance of products can only be carried out according to manufacturer’s instructions supplied by Spitfire Doors Limited prior to or during the delivery of the goods. Any deviation from the manufacturer’s instructions will cause the warranty to be void.
  17. Due to the manufacturing process, goods may sometimes vary slightly in size from those ordered or displayed on our website. This is not considered as a defect and the product is not returnable or refundable.
  18. Any goods purchased as factory seconds, clearance, end of line, ex-display stock or warehouse damaged are sold as seen, do not carry a warranty and are not returnable or refundable.
  19. Conditions of Sale
  20. A 50% deposit must be paid when placing an order, for the order to be accepted. Deposits are non-refundable. Prices quoted will be nett and value added tax (V.A.T) must be added, at the prevailing rate. The estimated delivery lead time is only valid when the 50% deposit has been received.
  21. The 50% balance (full) payment must be made before delivery can be arranged.
  22. Title to goods will pass from Spitfire Doors Limited to the Customer on signing of the Delivery Note, only if the goods have been paid for in full, including any additional charges that may be applied after the order has been placed.
  23. Customers must check each order carefully to avoid errors. Changes to orders can only be accepted within 24 hours of placing it, after that time changes may incur additional charges and extend the delivery time.
  24. Spitfire Doors Limited shall not be held responsible for any incidental work or expenses arising out of or because of any defect in our product or failure to deliver within the specified timeframe. In the event of goods proving to be defective (manufacturer’s defect only) which need replacement, our liability shall not exceed the replacement of the faulty goods.
  25. We reserve the right to change or withdraw any items in our range, as well as change their prices without prior notice.
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  27. Delivery
  28. Lead times quoted are non-binding. Delivery lead times can be affected by transport issues in continental Europe or in the UK.
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  30. Deliveries are pre-arranged between our distribution centre and the Customer to a specific date. Deliveries are usually confirmed 1-2 hours before arrival.
  31. Should the Customer fail to accept the pre-arranged delivery, another delivery charge will be applied and the delivery will be re-arranged.
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  33. A standard delivery may require up to 8 people to help carry large or heavy goods to the house/property/site, depending on the product purchased.
  34. Upon delivery, goods will be carried to the property or designated area, but only as far as the ground floor.
  35. Spitfire can hold your product in stock for up to one month at a cost of £50 per week.

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