Changing trends in home design

Marjorie Calder, former property editor of a national newspaper, has worked with and around new home developers for over twenty years. She is now the proud owner of a c250 years old former coaching inn, which she and her husband have lovingly restored into a home. 

As a former Homes and Property Editor of a national newspaper, I can confidently reveal that spending your working week visiting sensational showhomes almost inevitably makes coming back home a bit of a let-down.


Front door trends 2022
Aluminium Front Door by Spitfire Doors


I had only recently bought my first ever new-build when I took on the Property Editor’s job; an enviously sleek villa by an upmarket developer, set deep in a leafy suburb. And I had barely plumped the new cushions when the shine was stolen clean off my new, glazed cotton curtains, (In my defence, this WAS the ostentatious late nineties).

The designer, blush beige kitchen also began to look positively apologetic.

It seemed that ‘plum’ was the order of the day. And sparkles, Lots of sparkles. With every showhome I visited that year, I found my own home in bling-deficiency, causing an icy shame of inadequacy to creep over me.

Funnily enough, a similar thing happened when I first went on a “Girls’” trip to Florida a few years later. Being a working woman, I was a bit of a cuckoo in that nest and, when they all started comparing handbags, I found myself genuinely bewildered; not least since my generous lugger was full of practical things that ‘I might need’ on the flight, while their tiny clutches contained little more than a beautifully upholstered passport, keys and a lipstick.

The real point was though that, within three days I was on the same page. I truly felt I HAD to have the latest Kate Spade clutch in teal, or the LV tote in cobalt. I quickly came to believe that my life, or at the very least my social credibility depended on it.

Good marketing is a wonderful thing. It creates demand from desire, and desire through association with…. whatever presses your buttons.


Front door trends 2022 with bling
Spitfire Aluminium Front Door with Swarovski Crystals within the door sash


So what’s new in 2022?

When I went to research this blog, I typed in “Interior design colour trends for 2022” and it came up with; “The key Spring 2022 hues are: Buttercream, Nature Brown, Green Quartz, Tech Blue, Dahlia Orange, Military Gold, and Pink Charlotte” (

Are you kidding me?

How am I supposed to decide if my signature look for 2022 is buttercream with, dahlia orange accents (and for the record, dahlias come in many colours) or military gold, whatever that is, edged in pink charlotte, (which I genuinely thought was a pudding).

And still, by next year, all will have gone the way of “plum” and “chintz”, requiring a total rethink and possibly extensive therapy bills. Spitfire Aluminium Front Doors are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, keeping up with the trends of 2022.



Substance over superficiality

Having worked with and around property developers for over twenty years, interior design trends come and go but, unlike changing a cushion or feature wallpaper, the things which make a desirable home stand the test of time, remain constant.

Where there is a feeling of love and security in a home, neither last year’s colourways nor even a stray sock will ever look out of place.

Where there is airy living space and good natural light to lift the spirits and energise the soul, or thoughtful mood lighting to cosy up winter evenings, then a home can  feel like a true sanctuary.

And that mood starts even before you step over the threshold.

A stylish and solid entrance door speaks volumes about what lies behind. Contemporary or classic, timber or glazed; if the eyes are windows to the soul, your front door is a representation of the priorities and lifestyle which lies beyond.

Stylish, secure and long-lasting, aluminium doors are still a relative rarity in the UK. They cost more, for sure, but they are low maintenance, keep their looks over time and beautifully complement a wide range of construction and interior styles.

My conclusion is simple; style and substance work best when they work in harmony.

Spitfire Doors offers a range of over sixty aluminium front door styles. Each design is unique to Spitfire and comes in a range of opulent finishes, including timber, carbon-fibre, glazed and ceramic panelling. You can design your unique front door here. 


Front Door colours 2022
Spitfire Front doors are available in a wide choice of colours and special effect finishes


Spitfire exterior doors offer solid aluminium construction of both door and frame. Light, safe and incredibly durable, aluminium doors are the preferred choice of architects working with discerning clients.

Please visit our online Gallery here. Our range is also available through a network of design and installation partners’ showrooms all across the UK and Ireland. 


Spitfire Doors Pivot Doors - choose from a wide range of colours for 2022



If you are looking for a new aluminium front door for your home, please get in touch with Spitfire Doors on 01625 412570 or contact us here. You can also visit our door designer to design your perfect front door. We will then put you in touch with the nearest Spitfire Doors partner, who can talk you through the features and benefits of Spitfire front doors.