Pivot Door Augmented Reality App

Spitfire doors has taken a significant leap with the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR), following in the footsteps of other luxury brands, such as Bentley, Rolls Royce and Gucci to name but a few.   

Pivot Door Augmented Reality App

When making a Spitfire Pivot door purchase, it can help to be able to visualise your door in-situ whilst at home in real-time.  

Even those with an eye for style may find it challenging to visualise a new door in their home. AR Apps have been available in Interior Design for a number of years and now Spitfire Doors has made it possible to take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect Pivot Door.  

Simply visit the Apple Store, download the Spitfire Door App and then start designing your bespoke Pivot Door.


Visit The Apple Store and Download the Spitfire Doors App
Spitfire Doors App Available To Download From The Apple Store


Pivot Doors For Your Home Come To Life With Augmented Reality

Spitfire’s luxury doors are technically innovative, with biometric opening systems and LED lighting, they lend themselves perfectly to the opportunities that technology offers. Spitfire Doors strives to stay ahead of the curve and has developed a bespoke App, which will transform the way homeowners interact when choosing a new Pivot door for their home.  


Design your pivot door
Visit the Apple Store and download the Spitfire Door App


The App allows you to open and close your Pivot Door

AR is popular within the Interior Design industry and lends itself perfectly to homeowners being able to use technology and see their luxury door come alive from the comfort of their homes.   

As consumers, we are increasingly seeking out visualisation experiences or do-it-yourself options and alternative ways to create a dream door for our homes.


Open and close your pivot door
The AR App allows you to position your chosen Pivot door in your home


Can I design my own Pivot Front Door?

Yes, you can design your own Pivot front door.

Spitfire’s APP allows you to measure your door opening using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology. LiDAR is a remote-sensing technology which uses laser beams to measure precise distances and movement in an environment, in real time. Users of the App can effortlessly navigate and interact with the user-friendly interface and see the world around them come alive with dynamic, AR elements. Spitfire Doors is thrilled to unveil such a ground-breaking augmented reality experience that will transform the future of choosing luxury front doors.  

As a leading brand of choice, Spitfire Doors is taking a critical importance to find new ways to set themselves apart and deliver amazing experiences across all channels. They have an expansive number of retail design partner showrooms, where users can view a wide range of doors and will now be able to immerse themselves within AR.  Find the showroom nearest to you


Design your bespoke Pivot Door
Visit the Apple Store and download the Spitfire Doors App



The AR App allows you to see and experience how a Pivot Door will look and fit in your home, but also engage with the door by opening and closing as if the door was in situ, in addition to customizing the dimensions, colour, style, and size. 

Be amongst the first to experience the future of augmented reality. Download the “Spitfire Door App” and try it for yourself.   

Please contact a member of the Spitfire Doors Customer Services Team for more information.


Find out more about Spitfire Pivot Doors
Choose from a wide range of Pivot door designs


How does the Spitfire Pivot Doors Augmented Reality App Work?

Visit the Apple Store and download the “Spitfire Doors App”, grant necessary permissions and follow the easy-to-use prompts. 

Just point your device at the four corners where the door will be installed, then move it from left to right and bottom to top. The App will produce a surprisingly accurate layout of the space, helping to determine how the door will fit and look. It also allows you to open the door and see it from inside and outside the home. It also includes a feature to estimate the cost of the new door. A full survey will be required before a Pivot Door can be ordered.  

Spitfire Doors has chosen ten popular Pivot Door models to showcase on the new App, however there are many more designs available. Download our Pivot Door brochure to see a number of designs available. 



Pivot Door with wood effect finish
Pivot Doors are available in a wide choice of colours and can include LED full height handles



Pivot Door with black glass and LED handle
Aluminium Pivot door with black glass, available up to 2 metres wide and up to 3 metres high




Please visit our Pivot Door webpage to find out more about Spitfire Pivot Doors or email us at info@spitfiredoors.co.uk or call 01625 412570. Our friendly Customer Services team will be happy to help.