Bespoke Front Door S-500 Series

Frequently Asked Questions

As you would expect from the best residential aluminum front doors in Europe, our doors are available with so many options that it’s difficult to list them all on our website. Feel free to ask us anything of course but we hope that we have answered the most obvious questions below.

Q. Are all of your products bespoke?
Yes. We do not offer standard sizes, as all of our products are manufactured to your exact requirements, designed specifically for your property. We now offer Swarovski.

Bespoke Front Door

Q. Can I upgrade my locking system to enhance security? A. Yes.
There are 3 levels of lock which all offer very high security.

Level 1 - BT3: 2 hooks, 1 deadbolt, 2 mushrooms, key wind, can have door safety catch
Level 2 - BT5: 4 hooks, 1 deadbolt, key wind, can have door safety catch
Level 3 - AGU: autolock, 2 hooks, 2 hi-security pins, 1 deadbolt, autolocks when ‘pushed to’

Q. How are double doors secured? A. With Schüco Shootbolts.
The slave door is supplied with a 20mm long double shoot-bolt at top and bottom. A minimum of 10mm of each bolt is engaged into the frame head and into the threshold. The

A minimum of 10mm of each bolt is engaged into the frame head and into the threshold. The

The shootbolt system is supplied by Schüco and the bolts are simultaneously operated via a discreet lever, which is located at around chest height in the rebate of the slave door.

Q. Are Spitfire S-500 Series doors SBD or Document Q compliant? A. Yes
The S-500 series has been tested and passed the stringent ‘Level 3’ testing at IFT Rosenheim in Germany, the leading European Test House. They have also been tested and passed the standard required for

They have also been tested and passed the standard required for new build, Document Q of Building Regulations by The British Standards Institute (BSI).

Q. Does the S-500 Series meet the latest revisions of Building Regulations? A. Yes.
All of our doors fully comply with the latest building regulations in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Because our doors are manufactured on the Continent of Europe where building design and thermal regulations are more advanced we believe are doors are future proofed against advances in our local standards for many years to come.

Q. Do S-500 Series doors have Safety Glass as standard? A. Yes
We only supply doors with Safety Glass. Our glazing is almost always triple glazed with the following specification: Outer pane 6.4mm laminated, middle pane 6mm float, inner pane 6.4mm laminated.

Q. Can I have automatic unlocking? A. Yes
With our electromechanical locking system, incorporating fingerprint recognition or a key fob you can unlock the door, to an open-ajar position.

When you simply push the door closed the lock will automatically operate and the hooks and bolts throw, engaging deep into the keep.

Q. What about automatic opening? A. Yes
Our ‘Advanced’ AGU auto-system can be programmed to unlock and open the door to approximately 120 degrees.

The door will usually be programmed to stay open for 30 seconds and will then gently close and autolock.

If the fingerprint reader or keyfob is activated again whilst the door is automatically closing, the door will pause then fully re-open again for a further 30 seconds.

Q. Who makes the automatic opening gearing and is it reliable? A. Geze and Yes.
Geze are world leaders in door opening technology and their systems are regularly used on some of the most prestigious projects in the world.

Check them out on
The drive gear for your door will be discreetly located in the head of sash.

Q. Can you fit sensors to protect children and pets on automatic doors? A. Yes
We can fit ankle height ‘magic eye’ sensors to stop an automatic door closing if there is an obstruction.

Q. Can I still open my door in the event of a loss of power? A. Yes
Our advanced automatic opening system has a 30 minute battery back-up.

And remember, you can always override all auto-systems with your key. Every S-500 door has a key as for back-up.

Q. Does auto-unlock work during a power cut? A. No
You have to use your key to operate the lock but every door is supplied with 5 keys.

Q. Are the doors over-rebated to protect against wind and rain? A. Yes
Both internal and external faces of the door leaf are rebated to provide maximum weatherproofing via the door seals.

Q. Is there a choice of outerframes? A. Yes
but we prefer to offer only one AT100 is our standard outerframe which is 90mm deep with a chamfered finish.

Q. Do Spitfire S-500 doors have thermally insulated profile options? A. Yes
Our standard ‘Exclusive’ range of S-500 doors has an insulated sash but not outerframe and this product has a low (very good) thermal value of 0.9 W/m2K.

Our S-500 ‘Exclusive Plus’ range is insulated in both frame and sash and has a stunningly low thermal value of 0.7 W/m2K which is better than Passiv Haus.

Q. How many people can get access via a single Fingerprint reader? A. 1000
Our readers can store 1000 fingerprints and it is easy to record new prints yourself by nominating a ‘master’ fingerprint.

All it takes is an impression from the ‘master’ then 3 impressions of the new finger to record a new person.

These systems are ideal if you wish to give access to your extended family or if secure and reliable access is required for a block of apartments.

Q. Can the reader be used to open another door? A. Yes
A reader in our Genius Comfort 1 range has a double relay and can be programmed to operate 2 doors from the same reader. So you could open your front door with one fingerprint and an adjacent garage door with another.

Q. How reliable are Spitfire Fingerprint Readers? A. Very
Spitfire units have been developed in conjunction with Siemens of Germany and we have sold thousands of units across Europe, which are still in daily use.

All units come with a full 2 year warranty and it is relatively easy and not expensive to replace old units when the time comes.

Ours is a capacitive fingerprint sensor which is very simple to operate because all you have to do is press your finger on the sensor.

This is much better than "pull or swipe" sensors where you have to be careful how quickly and from which direction you pull your finger over the sensor.

The Spitfire reader will identify moist, dirty, greasy and slightly injured fingers and will open the door in 1.2 seconds.
Bespoke Front Door Fingerprint
Q. How safe is Fingerprint Recognition? A. Very
We use secure technology developed in conjunction with Siemens of Germany.

Our reader does not save an impression, so there is nothing to hack. Spitfire systems are very safe and can even be configured to trigger a silent alarm.
Q. And if I don’t trust fingerprints? A. Use our codepad of a Spitfire Keyfob
Our codepad is very easy to use and is a modern unit incorporating advanced technology.

All buttons are capacitive and are only activated when they come into contact with your finger tip, like an iphone.

The advantage of our keypad compared to classical keypads is that they do not get worn out or show wear on certain numbers, even after longer periods of use; a common problem with conventional keypads.

Q. Can I control who has access to my home? A. Yes
We have the option of a computerised control system which allows you to decide who can enter and at which times, via their fingerprint. So for example; you can allow your cleaner to access between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday only.

Q. Can I open my door via Smart technology on my mobile phone? A. Yes
Simply connect your mobile device to our bluetooth technology and when you approach the door you can activate the auto-unlock using your phone keypad.

Our bluetooth system has an unique PIN code and up to 100 smart devices can be added.

Q. What are the size limitations on single doors? A. See table below
Minimum size: width 850mm and height 2000mm
Standard doors: maximum is 1260mm wide x 2250mm high
Large doors maximum 1100mm wide x 2251-2500mm high
XL doors maximum 1100mm wide x 2501-2700mm high

Q. Can my door open outwards? A. No.

Q. Are your products suitable for commercial use? Yes.
Many of our doors have been installed in commercial premises like apartment blocks and homes of multiple occupancy.

They are designed to withstand many years of constant use even in high pedestrian traffic zones.

Q. Are S-500 Series Doors easy to install?
For an experienced fitting team they are very easy because the profiles are so rigid.

However, it is a 2 person job and sometimes more people than that are required to help move the door into position because of the weight of the door.

We would recommend that only trained Spitfire Door Designer Partners carry out an installation.

Q. Do doors come fully assembled? Yes.
Doors are supplied with all parts fitted and all components glazed.

Sidelights and toplights have to be de-glazed for installation.

Q. How many wood effect finishes are there? A. 20
The range is very wide and we can usually match all wood types.

Q. Will my wood effect fade? Almost imperceptibly but yes over years.
We like to compare our paint and wood effect finishes to automotive finishes.

Just like your car, over many years there will be degradation in the finish due to exposure to ultra violet light, but as with your car you will probably never notice.

Q. Do you have a low threshold? A.Yes
All doors are supplied as standard with a 20mm high thermally broken aluminium low threshold.

Be aware that this threshold provides only 10mm of cover internally between the top of the threshold and the bottom of the door sash – please think about your finished floor level - carpets, tiles, parquet flooring etc. very carefully!

Q. Do you have threshold (base) packers? Yes
We have a 5mm anodised aluminium packer and a 30mm aluminium base packer which can either be supplied in an anodised finish to match the threshold, or can be powder coated the same colour as your door frame.

Q. Which elements are provided by market leader Schüco? A. Many
All aluminium profiles which are unique to S-500 Doors, all hinges, shootbolts and all thresholds.

Q. Are the hinges adjustable? A. Yes
Multi-adjustable in 3 planes and are probably the most adjustable entrance door hinges in the world.

They are very high quality and on XL doors we fit 4 hinges, 3 on all other doors. They can be supplied in satin, white or black.

Q. If I order built-in LED lights, how do they work? A. Very simple
Spitfire S-500 Doors will come pre-wired and you just need an electrical spur to wire into.

LED lights can also be fitted in handles and all LED’s come on at dusk and go off at dawn and only cost pennies to run per day.

Q. Can I have a letterbox on an S-500 Series Door? A. Yes and No
We will never put a letterbox within a door leaf because it would destroy the thermal value and could compromise security.

We offer a range of high quality German letterboxes that can be fitted in a side panel or on a wall or we can offer a Renz letterbox system in a sidepanel.

Q. How heavy are S-500 Series Doors? A. 100kg.
A door with 2 sidelights is circa 200kg. However, all Spitfire Doors are surprisingly light to operate when installed.

Q. How long does an installation take? A.
This will depend on the size and configuration of the door, the site access, property condition and whether the door is replacing an old door or is going into a new aperture.

But, as a general rule installations take a day. If your project is particularly large or complex our Design Partners will advise you
Q. What is the lead time for a door? A. 8 weeks.
From receipt of full payment your door will be delivered in 8 weeks, usually on Spitfire transport.

For very large units we do use specialist transport and we require customers to have a forklift to unload.

Q. At what stage do I need a site survey?
Ideally your aperture or opening will need to be formed and the finished floor level clearly marked.

This will allow your surveyor to know exactly what to measure too.

It is possible to carry out a survey without the opening being ready however the manufacturing sizes will need to be agreed and signed off by you before manufacture takes place.

Q. Is there a range of glazing options? Yes
As standard, our doors are triple glazed with laminated safety glass, inside and out. We can offer double glazed side lights but our standard specification is triple glazed, the same as the door itself.

Q. Are the doors difficult to maintain? No.
Our S-500 Series doors are virtually maintenance free. The only maintenance required is keep the threshold free of debris, keep the door clean using warm soapy water and every 6-12 months lubricate the lock.

Q. What extra maintenance is required in a Marine environment?
Doors situated close to the sea are under constant attack from sea-salt. It is vital that every week external surfaces and hardware are washed down with warm soapy water. If you damage stainless steel hardware it will corrode and your warranty will be invalid.

Q. What guarantees do you offer?
We offer a standard guarantee on all doors which warrants that our doors will be free of defects in aluminium material, design and workmanship for 10 years. All hardware and biometric systems are warrantied for a period of 2 years only

Q. Is the coating suitable for a marine environment?
Yes, our Aluminium Entrance Doors are powder coated to Qualicoat standards which is a commercial application guaranteed for 25 years.

In marine environments such as a home on the coast the salt in the air can corrode the powder coating.

To alleviate this we ‘marine grade’ the powder coating which is a slightly different grade of coating and we also treat all corners, joints, and mitres to prevents any corrosion and guarantees the finish even in the harshest coastal environment.

Q. Do you cover the whole of the UK? Yes.
Visit our Spitfire Showrooms - we service the whole of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland and the Channel Islands..


Spitfire at Build-IT Live Manchester

The Spitfire team showcased all 3 door Series at Build-IT Live last weekend, working in collaboration with 2 Design Partners, Haus Glass and Northwich Glass.  Seen here are Hefin and Craig, delighted to be pictured with our S-400 Series door in Crimson.


From having doubts about the value of trade shows, after exhibiting at the FIT Show KAT’s Chairman David Richards is now a committed believer.

So much so, he successfully launched his upmarket door firm Spitfire Doors there and is coming back for more.

David Richard’s sojourn to Switzerland in the late ‘90s was life changing in more ways than the KAT founder had originally intended.

Certainly, it gave him and his family an opportunity to experience working and living in central Europe but involvement in the high end luxury watch industry gave David an insight into the mentality of the wealthy that perhaps could not be appreciated as a mere consumer.

After returning to the UK in 2012 and with KAT now achieving its ambitious goals under a team guided by Chris Powell, David’s thoughts turned once again to the luxury market but instead of exclusive timepieces he began to consider what wealthy British homeowners did when they wanted to replace the front doors of their expensive homes.

Surely a composite would not be good enough for them?

David’s conclusion was that indeed they were not, but furthermore the options open to them were limited and certainly when compared to the range of products enjoyed by wealthy homeowners in mainland Europe.

The doors manufactured by Inotherm, market leaders in Germany, Austria and Switzerland may be considered ‘high theatre’ by comparison with anything offered in the broader UK market and David decided that these would provide Britain’s wealthy with something that would whet their appetites.

After spending much of 2015 persuading Inotherm that the UK would be a vibrant market for their products and furthermore of course, that he and his team would be the right people to handle them, David brought the first products into the UK in September 2015, with a view to a full launch at the FIT Show 7 months later.

Engineering specification for Inotherm’s products is mightily impressive: 3mm thick Schüco door sash sections and 3mm thick aluminium skins inside and outside sandwich a dense polyurethane foam core which combine to offer class-leading energy efficiency with a U Value of just 0.67 W/m2K.

A range of more than 600 designs is available in an almost limitless range of RAL Colours and 20 wood-effects, with widths up to 1.25 metres wide and a massive 2.7 metres high, with configurations that will deal easily with the Grand Entrance of any luxury home.

None of which fully tells the tale. Few of these doors will ever be installed in their standard specification and indeed to do so would deny users the element of theatre that should accompany every entry fitted with an Inotherm door from Spitfire.

With a specification list that might shame Rolls Royce, every door may be installed with fingerprint recognition or smart spyhole technology; and whilst UK hardware manufacturers are struggling to persuade homeowners of the benefits of electronic locking, Spitfire doors are available with automatic opening…press the button and the door swings majestically open as one approaches.

The RAL colours and surface detailing brought by wood-effects and textured surface finishes may not be enough for many owners of large and imposing luxury homes. Fear not: a range of spectacular triple glazed glass options are available but the choice of genuine Swarovski crystals and integrated LED lighting will just be too much for many to resist, bringing new meaning to the expression ‘making an entrance’.

Of course, Spitfire Doors command a premium. Five ranges are available, from S-100 to S-500, with installed prices starting from circa £2,000 up to £10,000. These prices do not present a barrier to sales in Europe where in excess of 5,000 of what we would consider high-end aluminium residential entrance doors are installed every week.

David says his goals are modest: “We are selling 10 doors a week on average and this will grow we believe to between 20 to 30 a week by mid-2017. Our top three ranges are the ‘Bentley’s of residential entrance doors and we will therefore use marketing methods that are more akin to luxury goods than doors, to reach our customers.”

This includes exhibiting at such exotic venues as the Salon Privé Concours d’Elegance, the champagne-fuelled hypercar festival for which entrance tickets alone can be £300 and more. David believes that once visitors have spent a few hundred thousand supplementing their motor collections, his doors will catch the attention of people whose main driver is to have ‘something different’ for their homes. And £8-10,000 will be mere change to someone that has just purchased a Lamborghini, a typical Spitfire purchaser.

Of course, Blenheim Palace, venue for Salon Privé, will be preceded by a further appearance for Spitfire Doors at the FIT Show, taking place for the first time at the National Exhibition Centre.

The FIT Show may be slightly more prosaic than Salon Privé (though it was graced by a Lamborghini supercar last time out) but that is where David decided he would launch Spitfire and that is what he achieved, with spectacular results:

“After Glassex I was sceptical of shows but I took KAT to the first FIT Show in 2013 to give it a chance,” explained David. “It was a very pleasant surprise and the level of enthusiasm was very high; it worked!”

Missing the following year, David brought KAT back to the 2016 event and also decided to launch Spitfire there with a separate stand. “It was incredible,” enthused David. “We took 179 good quality leads there and have appointed 10 high-end dealers – we call them ‘Design Partners’ - displaying the higher priced S-500 Series and 36 others partners now promoting our Spitfire trade door ranges. All took doors for their showrooms and paid to do so. I have never known a take-up like it,” exclaimed David, a seasoned veteran of trade shows for the window and door industry. “They all see an exciting future for aluminium products.”

“We validated our enquiries for Design Partners according to strict criteria: two fitting teams minimum, owner managed and willing to make a commitment to us by buying their showroom displays from us. These people are not just ticking a box, they are showing commitment and the meetings we have had since confirm that.”

With 10 showroom installations already completed by November 2016, the Design Partners are now installing Inotherm’s Door Designer programme onto their websites, with a retail package that includes point of sale and, as would be expected, an upmarket retail brochure.

Spitfire is returning to the FIT Show in May when the event sets up at the NEC for the first time: “We still have a few areas in which we wish to appoint Design Partners,” explains David. “I launched Spitfire Doors at the FIT Show and it was way more positive than I could possibly have hoped for. Now I want to fill in the few gaps we have and the move to the NEC should be very good for just that,” he concluded.

Spitfire’s S-500 range confirmed as Europe’s Number One

Another reason to be the proud exclusive supplier of our S-500 Series in UK and Ireland. Our manufacturing partner, Inotherm, has just been identified as the market leader for aluminium entrance doors in western Europe.

Inotherm was recently confirmed as the clear number one in the residential door sector by a leading European market research consultancy.

In our 12 months as Inotherm’s exclusive sales agent in the UK and Ireland, we have not come across a single other product that matches the state-of-the-art S-500 for style, engineering, advanced technology, security and durability.

David Richards, chairman, Spitfire Doors, said: “This is quite an accolade for our manufacturing partner, yet based on the superior quality and innovative features, it does not surprise me."

“Our door systems are attracting new Design Partners all the time to satisfy demand from consumers. Enquiries are also growing from luxury residential developers.”

Well done Inotherm!

Read more about the S-500 Series here or call 01625 412570.

Six compelling reasons why you should buy an aluminium front door


  1. Aluminium doors are inherently strong and stable and because they have innate design integrity they are very secure and will resist forced entry far better than uPVC, fibreglass composite or wooden doors.
  2. Almost any door design aesthetic can be produced from aluminium door skins. Computer controlled machinery can create curves, squares or complex shapes to match your desired look.
  3. Aluminium door skins are perfect for applying textured and wood-effect finishes to. These high quality treatments are ingrained within the door skin and are very hard-wearing and refined.
  4. Colour preferences are easily catered for in an aluminium entrance door so you can let your imagination run wild. Modern automated paint processes allow you to select just about any internal and external colour combination and the result achieved by uniting aluminium with modern paints is so durable that you can be assured your door will look good for over 20 years, without any significant loss of hue. Composite, uPVC and most Timber doors should not be produced in dark colours like anthracite grey or black as they will distort badly, which is highly unlikely with well-designed and constructed aluminium doors.
  5. The latest architectural trend is for homes with big glazed openings and facades. This inevitably means that sizeable front and back doors are required. Because aluminium profiles are slim but very strong, aluminium doors can be made much wider and taller than most other materials and can encompass triple glazed glass units. An aluminium entrance door can typically be manufactured around 30% bigger than a composite door.
  6. Aluminium is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available and this valuable commodity can be re-used many times over. Thus, what was once a front door could one day be part of an aircraft wing or a laptop computer.

DGB ( visits Spitfire Doors

We recently launched our range of premium European aluminium composite doors at FIT Show 2016 and were visited by We are delighted that they have taken the time to tell their readers a little about their first impressions of Spitfire Doors.

Are these the best aluminium doors in the UK?

You have to say they have a good shout at that title, if there ever was one. They have true 21st century technology built in. Thermal values are already beyond what Passivhaus requires them to be. They’re all visually stunning and the sheer size of the range available means that all tastes are catered for.

I can see Spitfire Doors doing very well over time, and should shake things up as they go along.

We would like to thank and everyone who visited us a FIT Show 2016.

You can read the full article here

Spitfire Doors at Grand Designs Live 2016

Looking for a secure, stunning-looking aluminium entrance door for your property? Come and see Spitfire Doors at Grand Designs Live from 30 April to 8 May.

Grand Designs Live London

You'll find us in the Grand Build Hall on Stand B860.

Spitfire Doors offers the most comprehensive range of aluminium doors in Europe. Every one of our doors is a fusion of security and style. Engineered from aluminium with options including fingerprint recognition entry, multipoint "bank-vault" type locks, combined with premium hardware.

We can supply doors up to 1.25m wide or 2.7m high and with over 600 door styles to choose from, including doors with side lights, double doors and French doors, there's a Spitfire Door to suit every property type.


Bespoke Design Service

We also offer a bespoke design service with contemporary or traditional door styles which means we can make a door, sidelights or panels to your precise specification.

Innovative Security Features

During the week our expert team will be on hand to demonstrate the innovative security features built into our doors, including fingerprint recognition and smart spy holes.

If you're looking for a perfect entrance door, you'll find it at Spitfire Doors.

Contact our team today: [email protected] or call us on 01625 412570.



Coming soon - our aluminium raised and fielded door

LondonDoor_Raised_FieldedComing soon – an industry first - hand-made Raised and Fielded panels crafted from aluminium and fitted to the face of a full aluminium door sash by Spitfire Doors.

These convex panels look fabulous and replicate timber period doors exactly. The panels feature a center portion thicker than the outside edges, so they project above the surrounding frame.

These panels are usually only fitted to the outside of the door but can be fitted inside too. The panels are first welded together, then sanded to give a precision finish, then powder coated in the colour of your choice.


[email protected]

or telephone:

01625 412570

See our COMET door collection

Doors in our Comet collection have a 70mm sash and frame depth and is effectively a slimmer version of our Galaxy range. This is still a truly luxury door and you can be extremely flexible with size, style and design which is why it’s one of our best sellers.

In this range we offer exactly the same door designs as those in our Galaxy range, including the 10 point lock, colours and finishes.

The collection includes contemporary, designer and traditional door styles and a matchless combination of high security, low thermal values, excellent weathering and designer door furniture.  Plus, we can supply oversized doors, prevalent in Victorian period properties in London and Dublin and now specified for high-end, contemporary new builds.

Fingerprint recognition door technology wows Ecobuild visitors

The Spitfire Doors team and manufacturing partner Inotherm welcomed over 600 people to the stand at this week’s Ecobuild show in London.

Our trade and consumer visitors saw Inotherm’s impressive showcase of premium aluminium doors and were introduced to Inokey, Inotherm’s innovative fingerprint door entry security system.

With door security being such a hot topic at Ecobuild this year, visitors were given the chance to see Inokey in action and discover how fingerprint recognition is a viable option for residential doors and a boost for home security.

Said one visitor, “there’s nothing to match these doors for design options and thermal efficiency and not only that, they tick every box for my security needs.”

Here we share some of the most asked questions:


Inokey is Inotherm’s built in fingerprint sensor. Inokey will open a heavy door in 1.2 seconds after a single short contact. This latest generation sensor incorporates Siemens technology and can even read data from a moist, dirty or greasy finger.


Up to 1000 and the dual relay units can operate an adjacent door e.g. a garage door from one sensor.


If you order an Inotherm aluminium entrance door from Spitfire, we’ll explain all the options available for door security, locking and automatic opening.  Whichever device you choose, your door will be delivered 100% fitted with the right sensor in the right finish with the wiring components ready to be wired to your electricity supply.


You can always use your key as a manual override.


An Inotherm aluminium front door is built to last a lifetime and at Spitfire Doors, we believe our high quality doors deserve the latest security and locking technology.  Adding a fingerprint sensor will only add approximately 10% to the overall price of a door.


Yes, Inokey door sensors come in a range of finishes including brushed steel, polished chrome, black or gold plated stainless steel.


You can open your front door with your security key, with a door mounted keypad or with a small remote control device.

Contact the Spitfire Doors team to find out more about our aluminium doors and fingerprint recognition technology.