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Pivot Doors

S-700 Pivot doors. A front door that says more

When you think about it, your front door is the focal point for any visitor to your home: it draws the eye, creates first impressions and, of course, first impressions count.

Which is what Spitfire’s new ‘Pivot’ doors, a stunning addition to our market-leading range of aspirational front doors, is all about. Our Pivot doors are totally ‘on trend’ in creating a first impression like no other.

s700 pivot doors

The unforgettable first impression

We’ve started so we’ll finish

Given the extraordinary mechanics and aesthetics of the ‘Pivot’ design, it would have been churlish to stop there. Which is why these imposing structures come with a choice of exciting finishes taking in truly remarkable wood and carbon fibre effects and beautiful glass inserts.

Recessed external handles, meanwhile, come with built-in LEDs that can vary in length from 300mm right up to virtually the full height of the door.

3 into 1 will go

The impact created by Spitfire ‘Pivot’ doors, with their two offset anchor points at the top and bottom, can be attributed to the fact that these exclusive front doors enable you to create an impressive, imposing entrance for your home with just one bold and elegant statement door. In fact, dimensions can extend to a remarkable 3 metres in height and 2 metres wide.

Not only that but the highly innovative design provides a real talking point with its ingenious ‘pivot’ mechanism.

technical specifications

• Min. width 1400mm / min. height 2200mm

• Max width 2000mm / max height 3000mm

• Frame + sash depths 113mm

• 3mm Aluminium walls

• Standard lock is five point – upgrades available

• Integrated recessed external handle (with LED option)

• Pivot mechanisms have adjustable pins

• UD value of 1.5 W/m2k (w/m2k)

• Class 3 air tightness

• Class 1A water tightness

• C5 wind load resistance

• Soundproof to 34db

• Internal opening

• Auto-drop base weatherseal

S-700 Pivot Door Designs


Here you’ll find the dedicated Spitfire Doors team led by David Richards who is also Chairman of our sister company, the specialist aluminium window and bi-folding door manufacturer KAT.

We are all passionate about quality, value and design, supported by friendly, timely and efficient service. While, like us, our Installation Design Partners are all family owned businesses who, you’ll find, are equally dedicated to their trade and, of course, consummate customer service.

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