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S-700 Pivot doors. A front door that says more

At Spitfire, we have pioneered the development of superbly built, innovatively designed pivot doors for our UK clients. Swinging effortlessly open via an offset pivot mechanism, your pivot door will make a colossal design statement, showcasing your home as a genuinely unique property.  These giant doors are truly imposing structures, which no other door design really comes close to emulating. Pivots are not a low budget option but compared to the cost of double doors or doors with side and top panels they can be a competitively priced consideration.   

Many architect-inspired, contemporary new build homes feature ground to roof glass facades, which become the impressive focal point of the property. This style of residential façade is usually formed of an aluminium curtain walling system or steel framework, both perfect platforms for a Spitfire Pivot door installation.

At Spitfire, we are able to manufacture the curtain walling system as well as the door.   

s700 pivot doors

The unforgettable first impression


A vast pivot door opens up all sorts of creative options in design terms. Not only will your door make a stunning impact as a grand entrance but the structure of the door itself allows heavier materials, like ceramic, to be used in the design. Stunning aesthetic results can be achieved using these oversized doors, for example; they can incorporate recessed external handles with built-in LEDs, that can run the full height of the door.

Why choose a Spitfire Pivot Door?

A Spitfire pivot door will make a very bold statement and in general, they largely suit contemporary homes. The concept of our pivot mechanism allows you to design very large doors, which means there is a very large surface area to incorporate your bespoke ideas. Today, we are delighted that the general trend in luxury home design is to go for an oversize entrance door on a new home because modern materials and designs allow you to do so.

In our experience, most of our clients would rather have one large front door instead of double doors because they look more contemporary and you don’t have a second door that you don’t really need or use. Pivot doors also look great in glass curtain walling which is gaining in popularity in contemporary residential homes.


Every type of door has the potential to trap fingers and Pivot doors by their very design  have a critical zone between the door sash edge and the frame, at the pivot side, which is a potential danger.  However, with a proper door closer fitted and with sensible use, issues can quite easily be avoided.

What do they cost?

Because of the huge size range, myriad of finishes and ironmongery upgrades available, the price of a Spitfire pivot door can vary. A small pivot with a basic finish can be purchased for circa £4,500 plus installation.

How Spitfire Pivot Doors Operate

  • The pivot is a very simple mechanism which will give years of trouble-free operation because there is so little to go wrong.
  • At the top and bottom of the door sash, on the hinge side, is an elongated pin which slots into small metal keeps, in the frame of the door. The top keep has adjustment, the bottom is fixed. The pivot point is between 120mm and 400mm in from the edge of the door sash, depending on the size of the door.
  • Surprisingly for such big doors, they are light to swing open because of the pivot concept. At Spitfire we always recommend fitting an integrated and largely concealed door closer. The closer will gently close the door but it can also be held fully open on the closer.
  • Due to the flush design of these doors, weather sealing is not always perfect. We recommend ordering our special drop-down base weatherseal, which is activated as the door closes. If the door is not protected by a canopy or porch, it is best to have non-permeable flooring immediately inside the door that can withstand very occasional drops of water.

Very secure as standard, with ultra hi-security upgrades

Spitfire pivot doors are inherently secure due to their sheer physical mass. We also offer security upgrades to level 4, complete with UK test house Certification. Our security pivots harness the strength of our special steel structure inside the door sash, plus they have significantly upgraded locking systems.

We also manufacture smaller size security pivots from only 1100mm wide, which are suitable for internal use to enhance household security, in for example, panic rooms. They can even be fitted with bullet-proof glass.  

s700 pivot doors

technical specifications

• Minimum width 1100mm

• Minimum height 2200mm

• Maximum width 2000mm

• Maximum height 3000mm

• Pivot mechanisms are adjustable

• UD value of <0.9 W/m2k

• Class 3 air tightness

• Class 1A water tightness

• C5 wind load resistance

• Soundproof to 34db

• Internal opening

• Auto-drop base weatherseal

Design Options

  • Exciting finishes include aluminium, metallics, timber, ceramic, bronze, carbon-fibre effect, corten or glass
  • Standard lock is five point – multiple upgrades available
  • Level 2,3 or 4 Security upgrades with steel chassis
  • Double Pivot doors, sidelights and half doors available
  • Integrated recessed external handle (with LED option)
  • Black, brushed steel, bronze handles – plus bespoke designs


Here you’ll find the dedicated Spitfire Doors team led by David Richards who is also Chairman of our sister company, the specialist aluminium window and bi-folding door manufacturer KAT.

We are all passionate about quality, value and design, supported by friendly, timely and efficient service. While, like us, our Installation Design Partners are all family owned businesses who, you’ll find, are equally dedicated to their trade and, of course, consummate customer service.

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