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Our Signature Pivot Doors offer exceptional features not available on our standard Pivot series. There are two key differences; Spitfire Signature Pivots can be manufactured up to a whopping 4 metres high and we can offer Signature Pivot doors of all heights up to 4 metres with crystal glass panels bonded to the external (and internal) surface of our aluminium door. This crystal glass is available in black or white on all designs and in light grey on others. We can even accommodate designs with horizontal or vertical CNC grooves in the crystal glass.

Spitfire Signature Pivot doors look stunning when combined with recessed external handles with built-in LED’s. These LED’s can either be supplied in bright white or soft white.

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Pivots would grace many a new build property featured on Grand Designs. Stunning aesthetic results can be achieved using these oversized doors as they can incorporate recessed external handles with built-in LEDs, that can run the full height of the door. An LED back-lit handle, combined with a mirror black glass finish, creates a magical look, worthy of any home big enough to accommodate a Pivot.


Spitfire Doors are designed to be virtually burglar-proof. We combine very substantial 3mm thick aluminium sections with high security locks and precision engineered accessories to keep you safe. The sheer scale and depth of section of a Spitfire aluminium Pivot is enough to deter would be intruders.


A Spitfire pivot door will make a very bold, designer statement on any contemporary new build. Our pivot concept is hugely strong and stable and this allows you to design massive front doors, which means there is a very large surface area to accommodate your bespoke design ideas. We are delighted that the general trend in luxury home design is oversized entrance doors because you can really express your personality via the most important feature of your properties external façade.

In our experience, most clients would rather have one large front door instead of double doors, because the look is more contemporary and you don’t then have a slave door that you don’t really need or use.

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