Curved Windows

Universal Arches manufacture curved Box Sash windows using a wide range of uPVC profiles, available in a variety of colours.
Many of our customers are manufacturers of square or rectangular uPVC windows and doors themselves. When they receive an order for a window or door frame which is curved, angled, arched, circular or a gothic shape, they rely on Universal Arches to produce a perfectly shaped frame on their behalf. We can either manufacture curved box sash windows using our own stock of uPVC profile, or we also manufacture box sash windows using uPVC profile supplied by our customers.

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Low maintenance uPVC curved windows

Many years ago, Box Sash Windows were made from timber which required regular painting to maintain a perfect finish. Very often, the wooden windows were single glazed, which meant they could be draughty. Nowadays, uPVC Box Sash Windows are a luxury window system which authentically replicate beautiful Victorian and Edwardian period windows, meticulously combining technology and tradition. When choosing your design, you can decide whether you would like both the top sash and bottom sashes to slide or whether you would prefer one of the sashes to remain in a fixed position.

Universal Arches offer you the ideal product; luxury uPVC Curved Box Sash Windows, coupled with 100% recyclable uPVC frames and energy efficient glass, ensuring that your windows will require very little maintenance to keep them looking good and performing well. Curved uPVC Box Sash Windows will not warp, shrink, stick or need painting.

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How to order a curved Box Sash Window

If you have asked Spitfire to manufacture a curved Box Sash Window in the past, you will be familiar with our easy to follow ordering system. We simply ask you to supply a template drawn on strong brown paper, in the shape of the curved frame and to post this directly to the office, along with a completed order form. If this is your first order, please telephone our customer services team on 01744 612844 and we will be happy to help guide you through the process.

Spitfire can also supply glass to fit perfectly in your arched box sash windows. If you would prefer to order your arched glass yourself, did you know that we use a CAD system to produce precise glass sizes, so that there is no need for glass templates? Get in touch with us to find out more.

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